1 – 3 Year Baby Food Chart And Diet Plan


1. Breast Milk -Breast milk is the quality supply of weight advantage for infants till 12 months. Follow the WHO recommendation of breastfeeding your infant exclusively for the primary six months and often after that. When breastfeeding, ensure you empty one breast absolutely earlier than moving to the following. This is due to the fact the milk the child gets at the beginning of the feeding is the thinner fore milk, and the fats-wealthy hind milk comes after that.

2. Ragi-Ragi or Finger Millet is a traditional baby meals that’s quite popular in South India. While being wealthy in protein and calcium it is also one of the satisfactory weight gaining ingredients for toddlers. Ragi is likewise an excellent source of dietary fiber, protein and Vitamins B1, B2 and B6.


3. Health Mixes-Our grandmothers depended on fitness mixes they made from domestic, sprouting, roasting and grinding an expansion of wholesome components. As you may consider, they were some distance nutritious to commercial baby food mixes, in both flavor and health. They are also more effective in supporting child gain weight. These mixes combine the goodness of cereals, nuts and pulses, and may be modified to make exceptional variations.

Sathumaavu Health Mix is an immensely famous fitness blend powder, made with over ten ingredients and a cautious process of roasting each certainly one of them one at a time before grinding. Click right here to get the mix added to your property.


Sprouted Health Mix or Sprouted Sathu Maavu Mix is every other healthful model where all the elements are sprouted and floor to a powder. You can spare your self the problem of sprouting and grinding and get homemade Sprouted Sathumaavu Mix brought to your doorstep

Millet Sathumaavu Mix consists of distinctive varieties of millet among its substances, making this a first-rate alternative for weight advantage in toddlers. You can get this the clean manner by ordering it right here.

4. Kerala Banana-When searching out healthy excessive calorie ingredients, you needn’t appearance lots similarly than Kerala bananas or inexperienced plantains. Besides, they’re also rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorous and feature a good amount of dietary fiber to feature bulk and aid digestion. These bananas also are quite flexible, and there are many Kerala banana recipes you could make with them, out of each the raw and ripe variations.

If you are concerned about giving babies bananas in the course of bloodless , then you could try making a uncooked Kerala Banana powder for your infant. If you have got hassle locating the bananas or don’t have
the time to spare for getting ready it, our Raw Kerala Banana Powder could make existence lots easier for you.
Check out those Raw Kerala Banana Powder Recipes on your baby:
Banana Halwa for Babies
Banana Fritters for Babies and Toddlers
Coconut Banana Kheer/Payasam for toddlers

5. Avocado-While avocado isn’t native to India, these days it’s pretty famous in lots of Indian homes. Also referred to as butterfruit or Makhan Phal, avocado is a fruit with numerous health blessings, that’s why nutrition specialists internationally advocate them. The creamy buttery texture makes it palatable for infants and the healthful fat inspire good boom and improvement. Avocado can be brought after 6 months of age as puree, and after 1 yr as milkshakes and smoothies.

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