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10 Important Factors to Consider Before Buying Land


Owning your very own block of land is the exceptional Australian dream, however locating the suitable spot comes with many issues. While navigating those waters may also appear intimidating, having the steering of a expert will come up with peace of thoughts. We’ve partnered with numerous real estate agents to present you the exceptional advice whilst buying a block of land.

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1. Zoning regulations
Before you purchase the block, be sure to investigate zoning guidelines for both your property and the surrounding vicinity. Councils have strict regulations regarding what a block of land can be used for (residential, industrial, industrial). If the block round the corner could probably develop into a warehouse or 5 story apartment constructing it won’t be the first-class choice on your quiet retreat far from home. You’ll additionally want to make certain there’s no plans to build a highway or different infrastructure thru your land or the close by location.

2. Water source
Do you understand how your house connects to water assets? What about regulations on water use, or amassing your personal rain water? Water is an crucial utility, so it’s essential to know your duties and alternatives.

For instance, in NSW the BASIX initiative encourages new trends to take water saving measures with a goal of lowering mains water usage via forty%. Many elect to use water tanks, but the proximity of your new domestic to creeks, rivers and dams can play a component in how appealing a block of land is as a capability home.

3. Know the climate
Yearly rainfall, temperature highs and lows, seasonal modifications and even tendencies over the last two decades are all elements to bear in mind whilst seeking to buy land. The weather influences many components of your life, such as:


How you insulate your property
The kinds of plant life and vegetables you may develop
Potential for drought, frost and different intense weather situations
The sort of package domestic suitable for you block of land
How much strength you would possibly expect to apply
Health situations like bronchial asthma which might be affected by temperature
While you might not be able to have all of it, knowing the weather of the local area assist you to make a greater knowledgeable selection.

4. Safety from bushfires and flooding
Australia is a country of extremes. Depending on where your block of land is placed, it is able to potentially be at risk to both hearth and flooding. These very actual dangers may be prevented by using consulting resources like Geoscience Australia, which assist you to determine flood zones as well as bushfires. State and local authorities councils can even have greater records. Cross check occurrences over numerous years to get a clearer photograph of the way safe your new domestic can be from intense acts of nature.

5. Soil first-class and composition
Soil exceptional and composition influences both how your construct your new domestic and the capability for growing your very own plant life on your own home.

When it comes to constructing, soil composition can impact:

Cost of constructing foundations
Amount of earthworks required
Stability and land retention
Contact a local and qualified engineer to have your soil tested earlier than finalising your build plans.

6. Orientation
Orientation is one of the joys of designing your home. By taking advantage of the ‘north going through element’, you could employ to be had daylight throughout the 12 months while minimising the impact of direct sunlight and the ‘greenhouse impact’ to keep away from overheating inside the summer time.

However, whilst buying land you’ll need to consider any current easements, roads, driveways and the proximity of different structures both present and capability (neighbouring land). For instance, given a desire of two fantastic views, employ the one that isn’t going to check out a neighbour’s fence in a few years.

7. Trees and bushland
The role of present trees can play a considerable position for your decision to purchase a block of land. While our natural fauna is stunning and might upload colour to the outdoor, it could additionally pose a threat in extreme climate.

Consider the affects of falling branches or even entire trees on your own home, mainly in hurricane affected areas. Removing bushes is no easy venture both. Fines for unlawful elimination of native bushes can be excessive, so plan for that reason. Local councils can advise on tree removal and restriction.

8. Utility access
What companies can connect your fuel, electric and water? How a great deal do they fee, and is there any competition?

Rates can fluctuate depending on in which your new home is located, so make an effort to supply data approximately the organizations that may provide your utilities. Contact them through smartphone for quotes, and ask locals inside the location about their satisfaction with neighborhood utilities.

9. Incline of your block
There’s some things to don’t forget if your block is positioned on a steep incline:

Additional fees of building the house
Effects of climate on soil
Water runoff from the road if your block is below
The layout and orientation of the house
Steep residences has their benefits; like higher views from more locations in the domestic, however this can all want to be considered cautiously before finalising your purchase.

10. The sort of home you want to build
Remember, your own home should be in provider to the house you need to build. Ultimately, you want a property to fit your life-style, and the home you want to construct. Browse our variety of thrilling designs and talk to our layout team about how we allow you to along with your dream home.


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