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10 Lack Below Budget House Plan


For a small family, a modern single storey house like this would be a perfect fit. This house plan could be afforded easily by anyone. Simply put, the elevation of a low cost house can’t get any better than this. The railing of the balcony is very simple with plain metal stripes. A combination of light weight and masonry external cladding to provide additional interests to the exterior.


They serve as another well-thought-out design of this architect. The house does contain many decorative elements both outside as well as inside the house. Perfectly simple home design suits for every one. It has all the facilities needed to make living comfortable within the parameters of 650 square feet.


The plan covers sit out, living cum dining hall, 2 bedrooms, one common bathroom and kitchen. Common bathroom generously large, you can easily have even a bath installed in it. An additional benefit of living small is the reduction of stress, maintenance free living and more time to relax and enjoy your family and life style. The estimated cost of this simple house is under 10 lacks.


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