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Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a difficult name for a complicated condition. First of all, you could have PCOS and no longer have cysts in your ovaries. At the equal time, studies show that healthy girls have cysts on their ovaries 25 percentage of the time. So you may be in ideal hormonal fitness and have ovarian cysts and/or you could be cyst-unfastened and feature PCOS. It’s, well….Perplexing.

Another not unusual misperception about PCOS? That it’s an ovarian disease, or a hassle with the ovaries. In reality, the ovaries are truely responding to a system-wide hormone imbalance. In other words, your ovaries aren’t causing the hassle. They’re sufferers of the wider hormone imbalance going on to your frame.


You might be thinking, Well, that’s all first-class and right, but what I virtually care about is restoration my PCOS signs. How does understanding approximately what PCOS is and isn’t help me?

Here’s how: When you recognize that ovaries aren’t the reason of your hassle—and what you’re experiencing is a larger hormonal imbalance—recuperation your PCOS and erasing your symptoms becomes a good deal less difficult. The root motive of your signs and symptoms—hormone imbalance—can be addressed with nutrients and life-style. (Whereas it’s far appreciably harder, if now not not possible, to deal with a medical ovarian hassle with nutrition and life-style changes on my own.)

And if you have PCOS, that’s top information! It approach you may heal your PCOS and erase your signs with what’s to your plate, how and whilst you move your frame, and different lifestyle picks. The pleasant remedy plan for PCOS is the only you already have the energy to do at home. Plus, way of life changes fee no extra cash and that they have honestly no aspect results. Best of all? They actually work.

PCOS Symptoms & The Importance of Food as Medicine
PCOS affects as many as five million women inside the United States and it’s far one of the maximum not unusual causes of infertility among girls of childbearing age. PCOS signs and symptoms—together with weight benefit, weight reduction resistance, acne, lacking or abnormal durations, thinning hair at the pinnacle of the head and extra hair on the face and chest—can be demanding at pleasant and debilitating at worst.

As if that weren’t enough, PCOS can include lengthy-term outcomes. The circumstance can set the stage for different continual conditions, like diabetes, coronary heart sickness, excessive blood stress, sleep apnea, and stroke. PCOS has additionally been associated with improved hazard of hysteria and melancholy.


This is why addressing PCOS with way of life alternatives is so critical, each for your health and fertility now AND within the future.

Whenever I’m operating with a patron who has been recognized with PCOS, the primary modifications I recommend are food and nutrition. Food is medicinal drug in relation to PCOS. One of the most important pieces of the nutrition puzzle for PCOS is blood sugar stability and insulin sensitivity. That’s because high insulin degrees interfere with ovulation. And even as loads of things affect blood sugar and insulin, together with genetics and the health of your microbiome, the single largest element is what you devour. A weight-reduction plan excessive in processed carbs and easy sugars will send your blood sugar and insulin surging. A weight loss plan high in healthful fat, phytonutrient-wealthy vegetables and different complex carbohydrates, and extraordinary protein will hold blood sugar strong.

When you eat sure meals additionally makes a distinction. I name the idea of matching your vitamins together with your precise hormonal needs each week “Cycle Syncing®,” and it’s far one of the maximum important components of any weight loss plan for girls with hormone imbalances. If you don’t presently song your cycle and suit your meals with your moving hormonal needs, get the MyFlo app and begin tracking your 28-day cycle and aligning your meals along with your hormones.

Natural Strategies for PCOS
PCOS is pleasant addressed with food and way of life adjustments. Here are my pinnacle suggestions for recuperation the hormone imbalances associated with PCOS and erasing your signs and symptoms:

Have healthy protein and healthful fat at breakfast. Try to devour breakfast within half-hour of waking up to assist preserve blood sugar constant and preserve you feeling complete until lunch. Eggs and avocado make an amazing combination. Consider adding some leafy vegetables or different veggies so your plate is brimming with infection-preventing phytonutrients.

…But don’t overdo animal protein. A Harvard take a look at showed that ladies progressed their chances of fertility when they got extra of their protein from vegetable sources than animal assets. For the absolute quality assets of protein for your hormones, click here. (Spoiler alert: eggs are ok! They seem like the exception to the guideline with regards to animal protein.)

Embrace the RIGHT form of carbs. Not all carbs are created equal. While some carbs are notoriously terrible for health—suppose baked items, white bread, pasta—others are important for hormonal concord. Most women with PCOS battle on a low-carb eating regimen, like Atkins or Paleo. I suggest making rice, quinoa, buckwheat and millet a part of your everyday food regimen.

Ditch caffeine. Caffeine is a disaster on your hormones. Numerous studies hyperlink caffeine with impaired fertility (which is an indicator of PCOS) and standard hormonal discord that it’s difficult to hold up with all of them. Here’s only some: studies indicates that ingesting three cups of coffee a day (ate up by means of either men or women) increases the hazard of miscarriage with the aid of 74%. Coffee is considered same to consuming alcohol and smoking in phrases of impairing fertility. And coffee depletes the B vitamins that are so essential for wholesome ovulation and hormone stability. If you observed you’re low on B nutrients, you may find the formula I suggest in my Balance Supplement Kit.

Tiptoe round pollutants (and attempt to keep away from them altogether!). Many of the regular chemical compounds we’re exposed to via cleaning products, conventional fitness and frame care merchandise, lawn care products and family insecticides are endocrine disruptors and are recognised to to have bad reproductive, neurological, and immune machine effects. The Environmental Working Group lists 12 of the worst endocrine offenders. Read labels on cleansing products cautiously or, better but, make your own products with vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. A take a look at commissioned via the unbiased research group, Women’s Voices for the Earth, found that a big number of famous cleaning merchandise contained poisonous chemical substances that weren’t listed on the labels.

Sync your life to your cycle. When you stay your life in accordance with your herbal hormonal rhythms, your hormones are happier—and so are you. It’s as simple as that. Sync your life with the MyFLO tracker, the primary ever hormone balancing app.

Tend your microbiome. A healthful microbiome, the group of bacteria that lives for your gut, manner a healthful estrobolome, the colony of bacteria inside the microbiome that help metabolize estrogen. Hormonal recuperation is not possible in case your gut is out of stability. The first-rate manner to carry your microbiome into balance is to complement with probiotics.

Patch up nutrient deficiencies. Micronutrient guide is essential for ladies with PCOS. Our our bodies need the B vitamins that could help with mood and progesterone production; the liver assist that helps detox estrogen; the magnesium that enables stability the production of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone; the probiotics that help heal the intestine; and vitamins D, K1, and K2 to guide wholesome immune feature and ordinary ovulation. You can discover a majority of these dietary supplements together in the Balance Supplement Kit I created in particular to bring hormones again into stability.

Focus on electricity training. Some research propose that resistance education can also have a healing effect for girls with PCOS.

Get some sleep. Sleep allows pretty an awful lot the entirety, including hormone law. Make getting greater sleep a priority!

Always keep in mind that once you have the right statistics about how your frame clearly works, you can begin making health selections that finally begin to work for you! You can do that – the technological know-how of your frame is on your side!

Get Actionable Advice in a FLO Coach Consultation

We believe that no female ought to suffer in reality because she has a period. And we also understand that it’s now not usually possible to get get entry to to useful and holistic healthcare solutions — from time to time they’re too some distance away and most of the time they are manner too steeply-priced. That’s why we provide phone and Skype consultation periods with our FLO coaches.

In your consultation consultation, your educate will pass over your health records and signs and symptoms, get comments on any fitness adjustments you’ve carried out from our aid library, evaluate your hormone test analysis if relevant, and help you increase a course of action to resolve your symptoms.


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