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10 Things To Check Before Buying Property In Kerala


Buying property in Kerala is one of the quality investments you can make for numerous motives: proudly owning assets is an issue of prestige; there may be usually appreciation for assets as the available land isn’t increasing; property may be offered, rented or leased out, and you may get wholesome returns to your funding.

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1. Title Deed
Check the title deed and make certain it’s clean – that the seller is the rightful proprietor of the whole property, and that it has now not been mortgaged or bought. It could be prudent to have a legal professional undergo all the files to verify this. If you’re considering shopping an apartment or villa, check if the builder owns the land, or genuinely the improvement rights.

2. Land Use Zone
Ensure that the land you are shopping for has been zoned for the reason you have got in mind; as an example if you purchase belongings in Kerala for constructing a business building, first make sure that that unique land has been zoned as business.


3. Agricultural Land
If you’re shopping for land earmarked as agricultural, you will need permission to convert it into non-agricultural land and acquire a certificates to that effect from the District Collector.

4. Licenses
It’s essential that you check all the paperwork whilst you need to purchase an apartment. Enquire if the task has received approval by the relevant civic authorities. Also check if the builder has acquired different important approvals like environmental clearance, commencement certificates and so on.

5. Release and Encumbrance Certificate
If the belongings you’re purchasing is an condo for resale, test if it’s miles mortgaged with a financial institution. If it turned into pledged, make sure that the loan has been paid off and acquire the release certificates to be safe. Ask for an Encumbrance certificate to be sure that there are no legal holds at the assets.

6. Fair Value
Whenever you purchase a residence or land in Kerala, enquire approximately the ‘truthful cost’ as set with the aid of the Government. The real marketplace fee isn’t the same as this; but, you will be in a higher role to negotiate the sale fee if you have this information.

7. Access
Whenever you’re shopping for a plot of land, check how suitable an get entry to the vicinity has – is it on the main street, or in a lane? Can motors effortlessly attain there? Whether you’re trying to construct a home or commercial undertaking, vehicular get entry to is vital. Ample parking space availability is likewise a first-rate attention.

8. Property Size
Make certain you measure the scale of the belongings exactly. Get a licensed surveyor to mark and degree the land, if you’re shopping for a plot. If you’re shopping for an condominium, villa or a residence, measure every room, lavatory, corridor and balcony area, if present; take a look at with the builder how an awful lot of it’s far carpet vicinity, and what kind of is constructed up: this is, how lots portion of the common areas like lift, garden, foyer and so on is added to the actual carpet region of every apartment or villa.

9. Check The Ground
When you’re searching at houses in Kerala for building your personal house, you need to make a thorough test of the soil and topography, to decide the form of basis you’ll need to make, how large a structure it’ll be able to assist and so forth.

10. Check the Site
You additionally want to test for availability of drinking water on the premises, trees (with out shade, it could be unbearably warm in summer time) and the overall locality of the belongings. Make certain it’s a respectable and safe neighborhood, and which you have markets or stores and healthcare centers nearby, and that you have get entry to to highways or foremost roads and public shipping. Also take a look at if there are establishments that can motive disturbances, like factories emitting hazardous smoke or effluents, noisy equipment, bars and so forth.


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