1000 Sq Ft 3 Bedroom Single Floor Low Budget Home at 4 cent plot

Total Area : 1000 Square feet
Budget : 33 lack
plot : 4 cent
Location : Puliyarakkonam, Trivandrum
Whit line Builders & home and villas
Mob : 8921001523

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3 bedroom attached bathroom
work area

You can easily and effortlessly live in style with a house like this. It has single floor storeys across an area of 1000 square feet and it actually has a very simple design. This house offer 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Some edges of certain walls are embedded with granite. The architect has designed it in such away that you’ll end up giving it a once over whether you intent it or not.

The granite portion of the house stands proud like a tower in a castle and beautiful shaped pillars have a great effort on the overall design. The plain windows, along with the curve-less design of the entire house, make it look more modern and plush. This modern contemporary house designed by White line builders, Trivandrum.

According to the plan, the house will accommodate 3 bedrooms and three bathrooms along with other luxuries such as varandhah, drawing cum dining room, pantry kitchen and open terrace.

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