1022 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Contemporary Style Single Floor Modern Home


Total Area : 1022 Square Feet
Courtesy : Shining Homes

Sit out
Living room
Dining hall
2 Bedroom with attached toilet
Work area


For a small family, a modern style storey house like this would be a perfect fit. It has all the facilities needed to make living comfortable with in the parameters of 1022 square feet. It is not only is budget-friendly, but also pretty lovely for a single storey house.


It doesn’t have many fanciful pillars, and the very few present are partially designed with a unique design that could be seen even on the walls next to the main door. Here is a new kerala house designed by Shining Homes. This is a unique and rare kerala house design packed with 2 bedrooms, in which 2 are bath attached this house is a real deal for at an affordable price.

When you enter the home, you pass a sit out walk right onto an expensive living room. Though not separate the space next to it could be used as a dining room. A modular kitchen with convenient work area attached, and open terrace. It even has a very neat look with fine lines decorating the plain walls. There’s no roof to be seen either due to the popular flat-roof design.


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