1025 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Budget Home Design and Plan


Total Area : 1025 Square Feet
Budget : 13 Lacks

Sit Out
2 Bedroom
1 Attached Bathroom
1 Common Bathroom
Work Area


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Perfect Design
Riyadh – K.S.A
Mail :perfecthomedesignz@gmail.com


One of the first things I want to decide is whether there are more beige or gray people. That is, nearly all projects require neutral to function as a general background or canvas. This will adjust the direction of the design. I make that client more neutral than other neutral ones. Selecting Neutral will not use other colors in the space. It means starting with a basic neutral tone. The taste of beige and gray people tends to be trendy, but one is often more trend than the other. But regardless of which is most popular, beige and gray will always be on time testing. Even if you do not want to use a lot of gray or beige it is important to decide how to lean. Gray is nice with natural materials such as wood. But you have to follow a certain direction. Some may not agree with me, but unless the two are fuzzy, using Veggies and gray together will not work. In this kitchen, the color of the wall shows that this person’s preference is gray. If you are heading towards beige, you will often like tapes and warm colors. Even if you want to make all the space wood, you need to select backslash and fixtures. Bronze or copper fittings rubbed with oil work particularly well in beige spaces. Marble and brown and gold veining will also work. A lot of grace. There are lots of warm gray there to keep your space cozy. To work with gray, choose a gray one. You can choose cloth and paint. And it has several more brighter, brighter, darker, more along the same thing. Gray and tree parts may be lost if you choose a dark tree. If you need to use dark wood, choose gray shades.

1025 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Budget Home Design and Plan
1025 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Budget Home Design and Plan

Courtesy : keralahomedesignz


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