1100 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Flat Roof Model House at 3 Cent Plot


Total Area : 1100 Square Feet
Location : Varapuzaha
Plot : 3 Cent
Budget : 45 Lacks with 3 cent plot

Contact : Manoj KM
Mobile : 9995454862


Sit out
3 Bedroom
Upper living area
Open terrace


Here are the details and aspects of a beautiful 1100 square feet contemporary home. Its designed by giving the priority to your level of comfort. This two storey house design will allow you to use maximum space within a comfortable construction cost. This would be a perfect fit to be built within the limits of city. Stones have been embedded on some portion of this house, making it look like modern and attractive.

The design of the exteriors stands out for its unique style. The construction of the house, including the interior design, was completed on a moderate budget of 45 lack. There is sit out, living room, dining area, kitchen work area, 3 bedrooms, upper living hall and a balcony in this two storied house which has an area of 1100 square feet . The interiors of the house look vast and specious and it is designed in such a way that the in habitats don’t feel space constraints at all.

Light shades adorn the walls of the interiors. The stair way leads to a small living space upstairs. The stainless steel hand-railings are attached on the side of the steps to avail more spaces. This awesome design is made by Real Assist. The kitchen area is designed with a focus on storage space and utility. A work area too has been attached.


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