1236 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Single Floor Budget Home

This is easy to carry inside the ship and to enter a new house. This small living room is connected to an open plan kitchen. The pallet is retained to expand the space greatly. The breakfast stool doubles as a flexible part that can be used anywhere in the house while a large sofa and single sofa chair on the wall provide adequate seating.

The center’s big ottomans are used extra when there are lots of coffee tables, footstools, and guests. In such a small L-shaped living room, it runs along two walls, prepares multiple seats and adopts an L-shape, so people do not line up side by side, comfortable conversation . In addition, because the seat is relatively small, the room is bigger and more voluminous. Other seats can be placed inside and outside the room as needed. The bay window offers various variations without increasing furniture. In addition, when a slender sofa with no boxes is added to the small living room, it makes people look astray to think that the size of the space can be seen under your work. This small living room has small furniture, but it is still open and well-ventilated for bright furniture parts and outdoor scenery

Site : Thuravoor
Sq Ft : 1236 (Tiled Roof )
Budget : 16 Lakh +10% Supervision Charge
Bedrooms : 3 nos (1 Attached & 1 Common )
Guest : veranda : Kitchen : Work Area
Owner : Siju

The “BUILDING DESIGNERS” functioning at Chelari,opp IOC, AMTowers,Thenhipalam(PO),Malappuram(Dist),Kerala(State),India is a reputed firm for plan,design,estimation,and supervision of building (residential and commercial). Over the years it has been able to undertake the supervision of a number of buildings
Our prime concern is the full satisfaction and happiness of our customers. We have sufficient number of employees and required infrastructure for our smooth functioning.

Designer: KV Muraleedharan
Building Designers,Chelari AM Towers
Chelari,Thenjippalam(PO),Malappuram (Dt)
Phone: 04942400202,Mob: 9895018990

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