1272 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Single Floor Modern Beautiful House and Plan


Total Area : 1272 Square Feet
Client : Thomas Koolipurakal
Location : Manimooly, Nilambur
Budget : 20 Lacks
Designer : Abhirami Kollam
Courtesy : Kerala Home Design Group, Thomas Koolipurakal

Sit out
3 Bedroom
1 Attached bathroom
Work area
Stair room


This is the elevation and plan of generous 3 bedroom house, meant to be built across an area of 1272 square feet. It has single storey, an impressive design to make a home comfortable to live in. The roofs aren’t styled with any significant design either, making the house look simple yet charming. You’ll love this specious balcony on the first floor and the expensive terrace.


If you want to put this house up in a city, then the terrace would be a wonderful place to have your own roof top garden. The rest of the house is all about sharp edges and fine lines that accentuate the modern beauty of this house. Building this single storey house would only earn you many praises for years to come. What’s more, it’ll provide you much needed comfort as with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and every other facility expected in a home.

The house plan covers many important areas needed to make you feel comfortable in your own home. This include small sit out, drawing room, dining area, specious kitchen with convenient work area attached, and wide open terrace. You’ll also love the sloping roof that’s sheltering many portions of the house, including the ground floor. For those of you who love the height and beauty a sloping roof offers, this house is one of the best choices you’ll find.


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