1300 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Modern and Beautiful House and Plan


Total Area : 1300 Square Feet
Budget : 26 Lacks
Owner : Shameer Saleem

Sit out
Dining Hall
2 Bedroom with attached toilet
1 Common bathroom


Shmeem’s home is perfect of the simplicity and fine elegance of contemporary-style architecture. The designer gave the box style elevation a fuidity, which ensures maximum utilization of land space without compromising on ultra mod look. It was designer Shameem, ho designed this elegant house. The exterior feature the classic combination of white and light shades of grey hues.

Wooden colored cladding stones on the wall are also attractive of all, and they bring in a rare beauty to the overall house. This single storey house has a sit out, living area, dining space, 2 bedrooms and two attached and a common bathroom and kitchen. The prayer area is arranged beneath the stairway. All the 2 bedrooms are designed in unique themes.


Storage has been given importance in the rooms. As the kitchen has all facilities, a work area has also been set near the kitchen. The construction of this 1300 square feet house was completed on a moderate budget of 26 lack. This house surely is beautiful and majestic, featuring unique designs. However, it is equally efficient and has many features which are amazing enough to be followed by any one who build a house.

1300 sq ft 2 bedroom single floor modern and beautiful house and plan


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