1400 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Double Floor Slope Roof Beautiful House at 5.5 cent land


Total Area : 1400 Square Feet
Plot : 5.5 Cent
Location : Ernakulam

Car porch
sit out
living room
dining hall
3 bedroom
2 attached bathroom
work area
upper living
open terrace


Unique and beautiful, this house will make an ideal fit for those who are looking for a 3 bedroom house. Total area of this wonderful slope roof home design is 1400 square feet. The slope roof further emphasizes it, making it look very modern and beautiful. The railing of the balconies are very simple with plain metal stripes.


A parallel stripe is seen through out the external walls which act as an enhancer. A number of pillars are seen through out the house supporting and beautifying the entire structure. Both the storeys hoist 3 bedroom along with 2 attached bathrooms, a porch, sit out, living room, dining hall, pantry kitchen, balcony and a wide open terrace.

The slope roof house design will allow you to use maximum space within a comfortable construction cost. A combination of light weight and masonry external cladding to provide additional interest to the exterior. The house does contain many decorative elements both outside as well as inside the house. Perfectly simple home design suits for every one.


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