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15 Ways to Reduce Heat Inside Your Home


In the instances before the air conditioner, human beings needed to locate many ways to hold themselves cool at some stage in the summer, and reduce the heat that became trapped inner their homes. Many times only some easy improvements can dramatically reduce the heat that comes into your home, whilst different instances the handiest choice is to try and get the warmth out. Even if you have get right of entry to to an air conditioner, it isn’t always continually the best alternative financially.

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1. Tune/Update Your Windows

If you’ve got high windows, really open them whilst it’s far warm out of doors. In the case of double hung windows, open the decrease element on the upwind side of the house, and the higher portion of the downwind facet. This will reason the pressure to suck the air thru your property. Updated home windows will save you cool air from seeping out and hot air from seeping in. The satisfactory option is putting in windows with double-pane insulated glass.


2. Plant a Tree

There is a strategy to this—a tree planted so that its color will cowl a portion of the home, will offer comfort from warmth creeping into the residence, as long as the solar will solid a shadow on the home.

3. Paint Your Roof

Light hues reflect UV rays as opposed to soaking up them, much like how ice or snow does.

4. Install External Blinds or Operable Shutters

These are designed to maintain the sun out in the summer, however allow it in at some point of the wintry weather. Shutters provide safety, shading, and air flow. While outside blinds are not commonplace in North America, they’re popular in Australia and the European nations.


5. Close Your Drapes

Line your drapes with a mild colored cloth so as to mirror the solar, after which close them for the freshest part of the day.

6. Cook Hot Food Outside

Stoves convey in a whole lot of greater warmness in the course of the summer season, and more money has to be spent looking to cool the house off, because of it. Cooking hot food out of doors is one of the innovative ways to reduce power payments whilst retaining the house cool.

7. Utilize High-Reflectivity Window Film

These films are used to store energy thru reflecting mild at the east and west facing home windows. The movies that seem replicate-like are more powerful than the ones which can be obvious.

8. Unplug Electronics

This will lessen warmness output from such things as televisions and computers, as all large appliances and electronics generate warmness while they’re plugged in.

9. Rethink Your Pillows

Buckwheat pillows don’t soak up warmth like normal cotton and down. These pillows will help to preserve you and your bed room cool all through hot summer season nights.

10. Hang a Sheet

To quiet down a whole room, cling a moist sheet in the front of a window this is open when there’s a breeze. This will assist to unexpectedly quiet down the temperature of the room.

11. Use Blocks of Ice

A DIY air conditioner can be made by way of placing a block of ice in a shallow pan or bowl, in front of an open window. The breeze will select up the bloodless water and create mist.

12. Choose Your Bed Linens Carefully

To lessen heat in the bed room, opt for light-weight cotton. These sheets are breathable and will sell airflow and ventilation within the bed room.

13. Open Up Your Windows

When the temperature outdoor is lower than it is internal, open the windows up. This will help to chill all elements of the house (consisting of the partitions, floors, and so on.) that absorb warmness whilst temperatures upward thrust.

14. Utilize Awnings

This can help to reduce the solar heat gain in a domestic. Some research has said that awnings can lower warmth advantage from windows with western publicity by using as much as 77 percent, and heat benefit from southern publicity with the aid of up to 65 percent.

15. Plant Vines

Vines will coloration a constructing’s partitions from the sun, lowering the average every day fluctuation of temperature with the aid of up to 50% thru a procedure called evapotranspiration. Some vines do motive harm, so make certain to research the first-class form of vine for your own home’s outside.


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