1500 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Cool Atmosphere Single Floor Low Budget Home and Plan


Total Area : 1500 Square Feet
Budget : 20 Lacks
Plot : 10 Cent
Location : Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur
Owner : Abhilash
Engineer : Santhilal
Costford Triprayar Center, Thrissur
Mob : 9495667290
Courtesy : manoramonline.com

Living room
Dining hall
3 Bedroom
2 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Work area

Charming single storey house Abhilash from Irinjalkuda, his charming single storied mud house at Thrissur is in perfect harmony with nature and stands out for its unique look. The cool atmosphere inside the house is refreshing and one wouldn’t sweat even during the blazing summer. Engineer Santhilal, Irinjalkud, deserve applause for designing such an elegant house which is incredibly close to the nature.


The house is construction using Hard rock for foundation and wall are built by late-rite brick and mixture made with mud and lime. The vitrified tiles paved on the floor. Old wood has been recycled for furnishing. It is easy to find the mus required for the construction from the plot in-self.

This 1500 square feet beautiful house comp-arises of a specious formal living area, dining space, 3 bedrooms and kitchen. The spaces that are connected to each other are the highlight of the interior. The mud houses are strong enough to survive for years. The cost of construction could very depending upon the area of the house, the quality of the mud, expert labors, duration of the construction and many other factors.



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