1594 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Colonial Style Two Floor Modern Beautiful House


Total Area : 1594 Square Feet
Budget : 23.5 Lacks + 10% Supervision Charge

Sit out
3 Bedroom
2 Attached Bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Upper living


Designer : K.V Muraleedharan
Building Designers, Chelari AM Towers
Chelari, Thenjippalam,. Malappuram
Phone : 04942400202, 9895018990
Courtesy : Building Designers


The colonial style two floor home is the perfect example of simplicity and fine elegance of colonial style architecture. It was designers from K.V Muraleedharan, Building Designers, Chelari, Malappuram, who designed this 1594 square feet house. The simple look, which dons the exterior and interior of this house, makes this house a class apart from the rest.

Maximizing the available space was apparently the designers main concern. The house has 3 bedrooms with two attached bathrooms and one common bathroom in addition to sit out, living room, dining hall, kitchen, upper living and balcony. The clay tiles spread on the roofs enhance the look of the house. The living and dining space are simple and minimal in furnishing maintain their privacy.

All the bedrooms have been provided with inbuilt wardrobes. The paneling on the master bedroom wall looks attractive. The kitchen spells style with a breakfast counter as an extra attraction. The highlight, however, is that all this decorative exterior and interior cost on Rs 23.5 + 10% super vision charge.

1594 sq ft 3 bedroom two floor modern beautiful house


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