1650 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Double Floor Mixed Roof Modern Beautiful Home Design


Total Area : 1650 Square Feet
Budget : 24 Lacks

Sit Out
4 Bedroom
Attached Bathroom
Common Bathroom
Work Area
Upper Living
Open Terrace


Designer : Fazi m Fazi
Mob : 9947504550


Here is a beautiful contemporary kerala home design at an area of 1650 square feet. This is a stunning and good looking house. The plan of this house covers everything you’ll ever want in a home including a porch with parking space for one vehicle, 4 bedrooms, specious living room, expensive dining, kitchen along with work area, beautiful balcony and massive roof top terrace.

Black-stained cladding can add a contemporary touch to the over all design of this house. A beautiful facade is the depiction of the architect’s creative vision and desire to impress the others with an out-of-the-ordinary appearance. This makes your first impression last longer with this beautiful, unique, and appealing facades.

In the mean time, the simple railings of the balconies come as a surprise in a house like this. However, it could be an effort of the architect to prevent the house from being over decorated. This modern contemporary design executed by designer Faizi m faizi. The estimates cost of this house is around 24 lacks.


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