1750 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Contemporary Style Double Floor Modern Home and Plan


Total Area : 1750 Square Feet

Ground Floor :
Car porch
Sit out
Dining hall
Stair room
2 Bedroom with attached bathroom


First Floor :
Upper living
2 Bedroom with attached bathroom
Open terrace


If you are looking for stylish home , you right here let’s have a look on this modern house design at an area of 1750 square feet.The front elevation style of this house is more attractive and beautiful.Small pergola design kept up on the balcony .Natural cladding tiles makes more decoration among the exterior.The simplest nature of the balcony railings only serve to heighten the beauty of it.The way construction has gone with the characteristics of the plot and customized the needs of it’s once in a while occupants makes the house a special creation.

The house has four bed rooms,a sit out living-dining area kitchen , balcony and open terrace.Each bed rooms has its own attached bathrooms .The dining table which can accommodate six persons doesn’t take up much space.The stair way begins from the dining space.The adjacent kitchen has lots of cabinets,and a work area too has been designed in this plan.The spaces in the interior are inter connected which make them look vast and spacious.The boundary wall and the landscaping too are done in unique designs which compliment the elegant look of the house.


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