1820 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Contemporary Style Two Floor Wonderful House and Plan


Total Area : 1820 Square Feet

Ground Floor : 1000 Square Feet
Car porch
Sit out
Dining hall
1 Bedroom with attached toilet
1 Common toilet


First Floor : 820 Square Feet
Upper living area
3 Bedroom
1 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Open terrace


An extraordinary house design, built within 1820 square feet, the combination of grey, white gives the home more beautiful. The house designed in contemporary style has classy interiors which features minimalism. Flamed granite’s, paved on the front yard, add to the overall look of the house. Vitrified tiles are paved on the floor. The pergola ceiling brings in lots of sunshine which lights up the interiors.

The beautifully done landscaping adds a touch of contrasting greenery. Car porch, Sit out, family living area, stair area, dining space, kitchen, upper living area, balcony, open terrace and 4 bedrooms are arranged in this beautiful house. The dining area and stairway area are arranged in a straight line. 4 Bedrooms each are arranged on both floors. The bath attached bedroom is designed by giving importance to storage and ventilation.

The kitchen cupboards are done in plywood and acrylic finish. Fridge and oven are arranged as in-built features. There are enough openings and long windows through which the enchanting beauty of the nature is felt inside. The light shades makes spaces and rooms look more specious as well. A small living space and dining areas are arranged as part of the open hall.


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