1869 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Colonial Style Modern Two Storey House and Plan


Total Area : 1869 Square Feet
Client : Shine
Courtesy : Shine Homes

Car porch
Sit out
Living room
Dining hall
3 bedroom
Attached bathroom
Work area
Store room
Upper living area
Open terrace


The creative design of this house looks unique in colonial architecture. The design is curated with current trends that will never fade and never make you bore. Though it covers only an area of 1869 square feet, it looks way more larger than size. Beautiful cladding’s and charming white hue, special features in the exterior. The colonial design and the extended structure from the wall make it beautiful.


It is aesthetically pleasing luxurious, and can be put together within a affordable cost. The balconies, on the other hand, have glass design. The architect seems to have purposely denied balcony decorations to keep you focused on the rest of the house. The 1869 square feet has car porch, sit out, living and dining areas, kitchen, three bedrooms and an upper living space. Vitrified tiles are paved on the floor.

All the 3 the bedrooms have just the required facilities and do not feature complex design elements or furnishing. There are cots and wardrobe facilities in the bath attached bedrooms. The main entrance door opens to the formal living area. It is the beautiful courtyard which separates the living and the dining areas. The modular kitchen is designed to suit the preferences of the family members.


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