1878 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Modern Contemporary Style Beautiful Home Design


Total Area : 1878 Square Feet
4 Attached Bedrooms
Living Room
Dining Hall
Work Area
Upper Living
Open Terrace

Designer : Mohammed Anas Nrg
Mob : 9633660008


Not all modern house can look as stunning as this house. Everything from its roof to its walls and balconies are unique in every day. Certain portions of the out side walls are designed with a unique blend of stones that matches exceptionally well with the roof and windows. This house covers an area of 1878 square feet and designed by Mohammed Anas. Both the floors host 4 bedrooms and 4 attached bathrooms. Each room has a separate dressing area as well, making them for too comfortable to ignore.


As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a sit out and car parking area. This includes a kitchen, dining hall, living room and a work area. The dining room is designed to be right next to the kitchen so that you can always have your meals before they cool down.

In this plan, we have used geometrical elements and simple design of architectural style to get a unique look for your dream house. The modern mixed roof home design is a very good option. This contemporary house design will allow you to use maximum space within a comfortable construction cost. Think this design is meant for you ? Then do contact the designers through the information provided below.


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