1970 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Traditional Style Beautiful Home


Total Area : 1970 Square Feet
Client : Jerusal

Designer : Faisal Pulikkal
Whats App : +919645892385
Mobile : +96879497868 (Oman)
Email : faisalpulikkal93@gmail.com


Sit out
Living Room
Dining Hall
Passage Living
4 Bedroom with attached bathroom
Work area
Stair room


Some times traditional houses don’t please the eye as much as modern houses do. But it’s not so with this house. One look at it will serve as enough proof to convince you that this is indeed not a typical, traditional house. The house, however, had space constraints and hardly received natural light or fresh air. Design by Faisal Pulikkal had designed this house by projecting the simplicity and elegance of white and grey color theme.

The beauty of the minimal style can be seen in the rest of the interiors as well. This luxury house owned by Jerusal stand out for its modern and traditional style. There is an elaborate sit out, drawing hall, dining area, 4 bedrooms, kitchen and work area in this house which has an area of 1970 square feet. One of prominent features is the roof which is built at a significant height.

This ensures good ventilation and always maintains a pleasant atmosphere in the interiors. All the four bedrooms are bath attached with in built wardrobes facilities. The dining space is lavish room. An imposing 6 seat dining table presides over the space. As the kitchen has all facilities, a work area has also been set near the kitchen.


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