2056 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Contemporary Style Amazing Home and Plan


Total Area : 2056 Square Feet
Owner : Saidu Kottakkal

Ground Floor : 1210 Square Feet
Sit out
Living room
Dining hall
2 Bedroom with attached toilet
Work area
Prayer room
Store room


First Floor : 846 Square Feet
Upper living area
2 Bedroom with attached toilet
Open terrace


He diligently researched about various designs and architectural styles, before constructing his dream dwelling. However, a beautiful house which is perfectly unique structure was designed without compromising on the modern facilities. The beautifully done landscaping enhances the splendid charm of the house. The interior spaces, brimming with luxury, is the highlight of this house.

The furniture and lights, in unique designs and spaces, are all important. The owner says that there has been an inflow of visitors who are eager to experience the grandeur of this house. This house that’ll make you do a double floor house design. Everything from its roof to its walls and balconies are unique in every way. Like most modern house, the roof of this house has a very high flat roof.

This house is planned to built across an area of 2056 square feet and host 4 bedrooms. The house plan includes an sit out, comfortable living rooms on each floor, specious dining, 4 grand bedrooms with attached bathroom, modular kitchen with convenient work area, beautiful balconies and a wide open terrace. The windows seem to be sunken in a few inches shutting away the harmful rays of the sun yet providing ample light into the house.

2056 sq ft 4 bedroom contemporary style amazing home and plan


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