2560 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Mixed Roof Modern Double Floor Awesome Home


Total Area : 2560 Square Feet
Budget : 50 Lacks

Designer : Mohammed Anas
Mob : 9633660008


Car porch
sit out
living room
dining hall
4 bedroom with attached bathroom
common bathroom
work area
store room
upper living
open terrace


This is a luxurious contemporary style design. The beautifully done landscaping enhances the splendid charm of the house. A spectacle of luxurious sights and stunning decor are unraveled as soon as one enters the house. The creative design of this house looks unique in the mixed roof theme. The design of the roof is a perfect blend of slope and curved pattern.

Here the roof is perfect combination traditional and modern designs which makes the home an outstanding construction. Truss work is done on the roof and paved with red colored roofing tile. The natural stone cladding attached on the outer walls add a stylish contrast.The interiors are designed in a semi open style , it makes the house look more spacious .

There is a beautiful sit out,car porch,formal living space,dining area,kitchen,work area and four bedrooms in this house which has an area of 2560 square feet.The family living area and the kitchen are designed in the open style.A working kitchen too has been arranged here.The four bedrooms in the house are designed in unique themes. There are two bedrooms,a upper living,and balcony in the first floor.The porch of the house leads to the sit out,followed by a foyer.Want try this elevation on your new home? then contact the designer through the information given below.


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