2640 Square Feet 4 Attached Bedroom Fusion Mix Style Wonderful House


Total Area : 2640 Square Feet
Location : Chelakkara, Thalassery
Owner : Raffez & Raseena
Engineer : Rafaz
Plot : 4 Cent
Budget : 50 Lacks
Courtesy : manoramaonline.com

Sit out
Living room
Dining area
4 Attached Bedroom
Work area
Upper living


If a unique beauty is what inspires you in a home, then may be you should check this house out. It has two stories covering an area of 2640 square feet, along with 4 bedrooms. The elevation gives a pretty good ideas of how house will look and its easily likable. Different portions of it have independent sloping roofs and together they make the house look bigger and even more beautiful.

Several borders could be found on top of one another at the margins of the roof. This makes it look more strong, stable and beautiful. A quick peek at the house plan will reveal many facilities that you’ve always wanted in you dream house. This includes 4 grand bedrooms, 5 luxury bathrooms, a beautifully housed car porch with car parking space for one vehicle.

Sit out, comfortable living rooms on each floor, convenient dining with family sitting and direct access to modular kitchen, specious work area, stunning balconies and an open terrace for recreation. The entire front window adorns all the rooms, providing the residents a bright ambiance and a beautiful view.



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