Home Designs 2848 Square Feet 5 Bedroom Modern Mix Roof Amazing Home Design

2848 Square Feet 5 Bedroom Modern Mix Roof Amazing Home Design


Total Area : 2848 Square Feet
Location : Kannur

Designer : Faisal Pulikkal
Contact : +919645892385 (India Whats app)
Mob : +96879497868 (Oman)


5 Bedroom
4 Attached Bathroom
Work area
Store room
Upper living
Sit out


Kannur home is one project to our heart especially the external elevation is a main attraction. Every one wants to make their home outstanding. The total design gives a contemporary look at the first sight. Here also the grey-white color combination works well. Balcony is equipped with glass handrail. The box design and the extended structure from the wall make it beautiful. Interior plants are placed on balcony for additional charm. In this design also the green meadows garden defines the beauty of the structure.

This modern contemporary home design consists of complete facilities with modern touch. Bedrooms are equipped with attached bath facility. A specious car porch are available here. The total building is constructed in an area of 2848 square feet. The design of the house is slope roof. It also includes small sit out, living, dining area, kitchen, work area, common bathroom, store room, balcony and open terrace. This 5 bedroom house estimate by designer Mr. Faisal Pulikkal. This is a stunning and good looking house design.


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