2864 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Contemporary Modern Amazing Home Design


Total Area : 2864 Square Feet

Designer : Faisal Pulikkal
Mob : +919645892385 (India)
Mob : +96879497868 (Oman)
Mail : faisalpulikkal93@gmail.com


Ground Floor : 1691 Square Feet
Car Porch
Sit Out
Living Room
Dining Hall
2 Bedroom
1 Attached Bathroom
1 Common Bathroom
Stair Room
Work Area
Store Room


First Floor : 1152 Square Feet
Upper Living
Dining Hall
2 Bedroom with Attached Bathroom
Open Terrace

The elegant 2864 square feet house is a beautiful structure where the classic colonial architecture merges with chic contemporary style. The roof is flat type and the white and grey hue is a highlighting feature of the elevation. Elaborate interiors and lavish exteriors complemented by lawn and lush green nature, render the house a majestic ambiance. The elegant landscaping is the highlight which elevates the stylish look of the house.

The house has sit out, living space, dining area, kitchen, store room, work area and 4 bedrooms. The sit out is arranged in a unique design ensuring privacy. The dining and living hall is vast and specious. The cross ventilation ensures that there is enough air circulation inside the house.There are 4 bath attached bedrooms in the house.

Each bedroom is arranged in different themes. The stair lead to the upper living area, which offers a good view of the space on the lower floor. It has 2 bedrooms on the upper storey. There is an attached bathroom, wardrobe and study space in each bedroom. The spot lights added on the gypsum false ceiling makes the house look more lively and pleasant. Lighting plays a prominent role in elevating the look and mood of the interiors. The construction of this beautiful house design completed by designer Mr. Faisal Pulikkal.


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