2900 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Mixed Roof Modern Wonderful Two Floor House


Total Area : 2900 Square Feet
Location : Munnd, Kasargod
Owner : P. Narayanan
Plot : 15 Cent
Designer : Anilkumar M.V
Mob : 9846968078
Courtesy : Manoramaonline.com

Contemporary and very mod. That’s how this 2900 square feet house looks. The elevation incorporates the best of design chic and land layout. The house stands way back on this square plot, which heightens its visual effect. It’s a coffee brown, red, and white-theme for the entire structure. Wooden colored cladding stones on the walls are also attractive of all, and they bring in a rare beauty to the overall house.


The entire front window adorns all the rooms providing the residents a bright ambiance and a beautiful view. Balcony is equipped with glass hand rail. The house has 4 bedrooms, car porch, sit out, living area, dining, prayer room, kitchen, work area, up stair living and balcony. One can enter the bedrooms in the ground floor from the dining area. The stairs lead to the upper living area, which offers a good view of the space on the lower floor.

It has three bedrooms on the upper storey. Storage spaces are arranged in all the 4 bedrooms. The dining and living hall is vast and specious. The modern modular kitchen has all the facilities. The view from the balcony is relaxing experience. Lighting plays a prominent role in elevating the look and mood of the interiors.

2900 sq ft 4 bedroom modern mixed roof two floor wonderful house



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