5 Indoor Hanging Plants to Decorate Your Home


There are so many approaches to create homes for our flowers! We can display them on area-saving ladder plant stands, stick them in tiny terrarium houses or just plop them on pinnacle of a side table. Small indoor flowers are a excellent option if you’re tight on area, but they’re not always the high-quality answer in case your floors and tabletops are stuffed to the brim. The answer? Look up! Chances are which you have masses of unused ceiling area that’s overflowing with capacity.

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Many kinds of flowers work in striking planters, but now not they all look proper in them. That’s why we rounded up a number of the pleasant indoor striking vegetation that will help you choose the ones that paintings exceptional on your personal fashion. Bushy, trailing ivy flowers paintings great if you’re searching out a show-preventing plant for your living room. Airier plants, alternatively, are better if you don’t want to hold long leaves and prefer a minimalist appearance.


In addition to plants, there are also lots of bins and placing strategies to pick! You can create a contemporary macrame hanger to hold your plant or group a few together for a hanging indoor garden. To get a few thoughts and examine extra approximately the exceptional hanging plants for your private home, test our listing and styling tips below.

Best Indoor Hanging Plants for Your Home

1. Air Plant (Tillandisa)
Air flowers are the correct low-renovation plant to hold everywhere in view that they don’t need soil to live on. Most people like to cling air flora in glass terrariums packed with colourful accents and trinkets. Keep your plant in a gap with correct air circulate and lots of brilliant mild.

2. Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium podophyllum)
Arrowhead plant life also are called arrowhead vines or 5 fingers. All of those names are derived from the converting form of the plant’s leaves. The leaves start out as an arrowhead form and subsequently grow some “fingers.” The plant will develop into a protracted vine over time, so chorus from trimming the leaves to allow them to grow fine and lengthy for a placing basket. You can locate those plant life in shades of inexperienced, crimson and burgundy. Arrowhead plants like humid situations, so they’re tremendous flora for the rest room or kitchen.

3. Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus)
These flora are epiphytes in the wild, which means that they can latch onto different flowers to grow. The form in their leaves relies upon on the quantity of solar they get. More solar exposure will deliver their leaves a scrunched up look and less sun will flatten out their leaves. Less solar is generally better due to the fact overexposure turns them yellow. Since they originate from tropical rainforests, bird’s nest ferns also love humidity. This makes them any other amazing plant to keep inside the toilet for the reason that humidity in the environment carefully resembles that of the wild.

4. Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata)
Boston ferns select humid temperatures but tolerate lower humidities. Their feathery fronds cause them to a stunning sight to peer once they’re housed in a putting basket. However, make sure you maintain these flowers some distance from the pinnacle of the ceiling to permit proper air flow. Boston ferns are wonderful for purifying the air and are safe for pets, so they’re a splendid plant to preserve inside the bed room or residing room.

5. Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum)
These striking houseplants are succulents,this means that that they can tolerate lengthy intervals of time without water and prefer lots of sunshine. Their thick and fleshy leaves are not unusual for the succulent own family for the reason that they permit them to maintain water through the years. These indoor striking plants do quality in rooms with plenty of space where they’re unfastened to trail down without bumping into some thing.


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