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5 Steps for Calculating How Much Tile You’ll Need


Measure the length of one side of the room. If it’s far a wall venture, then measure the duration of the wall strolling up and down.
Measure the period of the alternative facet of the room. If it is wall mission, then measure the duration of the wall going for walks from left to proper.


Multiply the 2 measurements. Multiplying the period by using the width presents you with the square pictures of the venture region. For instance, if the room measures 10 toes wide by way of 12 ft long, multiply 10 via 12. The rectangular photos of this room is 120 rectangular ft.


Translate the rectangular footage to the quantity of tile you need. Tile commonly comes in bins, and you have to shop for the entire field. Divide the whole square pictures of the room through the overall rectangular footage of the tile in the box. In our example, shall we say every container consists of 10 rectangular ft of tile. So if you need 120 rectangular ft, 10 goes into a hundred and twenty 12 instances, so that you’ll need to buy as a minimum 12 containers.

Calculate the overage you’ll want. You need to by no means purchase simply the amount of tile you need since you additionally want a piece more for cuts, waste, breaks, and mistakes. Multiply the rectangular footage of the room through 10%, then upload this quantity to the total rectangular of the room. This is the entire quantity of square pictures you should buy. To preserve with the instance we commenced above, .10 x 120 = 12, and one hundred twenty + 12 = 122. We’ll need 122 rectangular toes of tile.

Another motive to buy more is that if the fashion or color is discontinued and you want to update a damaged tile or two, you will want extras reachable to make the repairs. If you don’t, then in order to restore it, you may must replace the entire ground. The moral of the story is: Spend a little bit extra up front to keep cash ultimately.


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