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5 Steps for Calculating How Much Tile You’ll Need


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1.Measure the duration of 1 facet of the room. If it’s far a wall undertaking, then degree the duration of the wall running up and down.


2.Measure the duration of the other side of the room. If it is wall assignment, then degree the duration of the wall going for walks from left to proper.

3.Multiply the two measurements. Multiplying the duration via the width presents you with the rectangular photos of the venture vicinity. For example, if the room measures 10 ft wide by way of 12 feet long, multiply 10 by means of 12. The rectangular footage of this room is a hundred and twenty square toes.

4.Translate the square pictures to the amount of tile you want. Tile typically is available in bins, and you’ve to shop for the entire container. Divide the whole square photos of the room by using the total rectangular pictures of the tile in the box. In our instance, shall we say each container contains 10 square ft of tile. So in case you want one hundred twenty rectangular toes, 10 goes into one hundred twenty 12 times, so that you’ll need to shop for at the least 12 containers.

5.Calculate the overage you’ll want. You ought to in no way buy simply the amount of tile you need because you additionally need a piece extra for cuts, waste, breaks, and errors. Multiply the rectangular photos of the room by 10%, then upload this quantity to the whole rectangular of the room. This is the entire amount of rectangular photos you should buy. To maintain with the instance we commenced above, .10 x 120 = 12, and a hundred and twenty + 12 = 122. We’ll want 122 rectangular ft of tile.

Another reason to shop for extra is that if the style or color is discontinued and you need to update a damaged tile or two, you’ll want extras handy to make the maintenance. If you do not, then so as to restore it, you may must replace the complete floor. The moral of the tale is: Spend a little bit more up front to store cash ultimately.


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