Many human beings want to build a domestic on a completely low finances . Today we are introducing you to a 2 bedroom plan that can be constructed on a totally low price range.

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The price range of this residence levels from Rs 6 lakh to ten lakh. 6 lakh is the lowest budget. However people with a totally tight price range can make an awesome house really worth Rs 6 lakh. Three ½ cents enough to construct this residence. We first arrived on the residence’s sitout. Getting instantly from the sitout to the living and dining location. The living and eating place mixed right into a big corridor . Sofa and the teapo may be placed in one corner of the residing room. The dining table may be placed inside the center.

Even if the dwelling and eating vicinity are together ,we get a separation. The dining vicinity has a space to accommodate the TV unit. There is a crockery shelf connected to the TV unit . There is a washbasin.


Kitchen has precise space, the storage room is not separate . Storage area is furnished within the kitchen itself . We can keep kitchen accessories and greater here. This residence has bedrooms with ok space . There is also the queen mattress length in two bedrooms . Both bedrooms have a wardrobes. There is likewise space for positioned a desk and chair.

There is only one commonplace bathroom on this house. This is for the sake of austerity. For folks who don’t have a massive tight finances, you could supply every attached toilets for 2 bedrooms. The provision for that is in the plan .

A door that results in the again of the house. Getting instantly right into a veranda space . This area may be supplied with a staircase for individuals who want a first ground enlargement in the future . This is a design technique that is very sensible . Maximum production cost can be reduced .


If the residence is constructed within the fashion of a concrete shape with the usual roof, the finances could not exceed Rs 6 lakh. You can use oat/roofing sheet in place of concrete roof.

The load at the house may be decreased and the depth of the muse may be decreased .

Instead of bricks ,use stone or concrete stable blocks.

Use regular tiles.

Proper planning is vital

keep cash


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