6 Must-Have Modular Kitchen Accessories


Modular kitchen accessories may be customised to fit diverse cooking styles and create clever garage. Additionally, they make certain an uncluttered look, top employer and comfort, as a way to make your every day cooking a satisfying revel in.

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It is critical to choose the add-ons earlier than the renovation work starts offevolved in order that a modular kitchen layout can be executed seamlessly. Here are six accessories that will optimise every square inch of your kitchen and will ensure most efficiency.

1. Cutlery organisers
Cutlery organiser trays, when located in drawers, take away chaos and muddle, especially whilst you need to locate things in a hurry. This kitchen accessory comes with cubicles of diverse sizes that are appropriate for stocking spoons, forks, knives, tongs and so forth.


Tip: Try to avoid putting a cutlery drawer directly below the cooking hob due to the fact the continual beginning and final of the drawer for application objects will become an impediment even as cooking.

2. Pull-out baskets
Consider differently-sized drawers to house pull-out baskets for deep and shallow garage. Note that a few pull-out baskets come with plate and cutlery organisers. These pull-outs open to their entire period, so all the stuff this is kept inner is absolutely visible when opened. Keep in mind that each basket pull-out has a specific loading ability in order that they need to now not be overloaded. Excess weight can also harm the alignment of the drawers and purpose them to sag over a time period.

Tip: The hardware elements or add-ons for modular kitchens are fixed with telescopic channels, rollers, and hydraulic hinges. They have to no longer be subjected to rough use, otherwise the hinges and channels get strained and do no longer the permit the cabinets to open and close nicely.

3. Bottle pull-outs
Bottle pull-outs are a clever modular kitchen accent because they optimise slender areas of the kitchen. These have a slender width and include or three deep, narrow cabinets which are suitable for storing bottles of seasonings, cooking oils, sauces, and different such cooking elements. They should be preferably located near the cooktop so that the elements are speedy reachable all through cooking.

Note: These hardware parts are fabricated in chrome steel, which is how you want it – because they gained’t rust and are resistant to corrosion.

4. Tall gadgets
If space permits, convey in a tall unit into your kitchen. This accessory is a have to-have as it works as a pantry that is right for storing in a single place all your everyday food resources like flour, dals, sauces, rice and other matters that do not perish easily. This accent utilises its top to allow maximum garage. It has storage at the doorways and inside to hold everything organised and within clean reach.

5. Corner unit
Convert the inaccessible corners of L-formed and U-shaped kitchens into useful and green areas by using the use of nook gadgets. In most traditional Indian kitchen designs, these corners remain unutilised because they’re difficult-to-reach spots for which it is difficult to layout beneficial shelves. Corner gadgets are mainly designed to slip inside and out and allow garage and get right of entry to for the generally unreachable corners.

6. Under-sink accessories
There may be very limited area to be had below the sink because of the sink’s intensity and the presence of a plumbing pipe (to connect the sink to the waste pipes). Also, this region is susceptible to getting dirty and messy due to spills from the dustbin (positioned on the floor) and water and meals spills from the sink in the course of utensil cleansing.
Install a cupboard door beneath the sink to shut off this spot from view.
Use this vicinity for storing your cleaning components and kitchen towels for each day use via installing racks or other below-sink add-ons that are available.
Install a dustbin-holder on the inside of the cupboard door, which could preserve the garbage bag and as a result keep the floor place loose, hygienic and easy.


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