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7 Powerful Guidelines for Cash Locker and Almirah placement that you must follow Now!


Have you ever thought approximately how you must location distinct items at home as per Vastu? Do you understand the course, shade, and cloth of the coins locker and almirah for wealth and prosperity? Yes, it’s miles very crucial to recognize the location, shade, and material earlier than placing any item or object.

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Here are some Guidelines for placing an Almirah (wardrobe) or Cash Locker which you must follow now:


Do no longer use almirah made of stones or marbles. Always opt for timber or iron almirah inside the bedroom.

Almirah must be located in Southwest direction so that it opens in North or East.

Almirah need to be in some diffused shades like cream or mild color shades.

Make certain not to have any mirror at the Southwest almirah.

Placement of Almirah has special impacts for exceptional rooms and have to be positioned as in step with Vastu hints.

For Bedroom Almirah-
Place bed room cupboard or almirah in Northeast or Southwest corner.
Mirrors on almirah have to be prevented in particular if this almirah is located on your bed room.
If there may be a mirror at the bedroom almirah, make certain it is not dealing with the bed.
Avoid dark coloured cloth cabinet or almirah within the bedroom. Use light-colored almirah.
For the bedroom, the almirah or cloth cabinet ought to open in east or south course.

For Cash Almirah-
Make certain the coins almirah or locker is constituted of a unmarried door.
The placement of the cash almirah or locker should be such that it is facing the North. Since North is the path of Kuber, so it is believed that Lord Kuber refills the coins.
Do not region the cash almirah in Northeast, greater expenses may be there and in the long run lack of cash.


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