7 Vastu Tips To Welcome Positive Energy Into Your Home


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Vastu Shastra is an Indian Vedic machine that ensures a physical, psychological, and spiritual order of the built environment. Now accompanied worldwide inside the area of structure and design, the phrase Vastu in Sanskrit approach ‘residing’. It is thought that if you want to have peace, happiness, health and wealth, one need to comply with the guidelines of Vastu while constructing their homes. It also tells methods to keep away from diseases, despair, and screw ups with the aid of dwelling in systems by means of developing a superb cosmic field.So, in case you are a owner of a house who desires to keep poor forces at bay and welcome positive energies to your home, MakaaniQ lists a few Vastu hints for you:

Clean your manner
A smooth doorway to your house could be very essential to preserve the poor energies out of your own home. So, ensure that your doorway is cleaned frequently.


Use wind chimes
The use of wind chimes in a home maintains poor energies out of the premises. The track of the tinkling chimes enables in breaking the pattern of the terrible strength and promotes the drift of fantastic electricity.

Salt for soaking up bad strength
Sea salt is known to be a healer. Keep a bowl of sea salt in every corner of your house to soak up all of the terrible electricity. Also, you could maintain sea salt rocks within the corners of your home.

Use idols, pix and emblems
Placing non secular idols, photographs and emblems enables keep negativity at bay.

Eliminate the terrible electricity with lemons
Lemon in water maintains the terrible strength faraway from your home. To make certain that is powerful, alternate the water every Saturday.

Smells excellent, feels goodLight some incense sticks, earthen lamp lights and candles every morning and evening. These act as cleansers, doing away with any poor energy far from the house.

Mirror, reflect at the wall
Placing a convex replicate at the facade wall going through the exteriors can also be helpful in wiping the terrible electricity off.


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