850 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Traditional Style Modern Beautiful Home Design


Total Area : 850 Square Feet
Budget : 15 Lacks

Designer : Sherin Moothan
Contact : 9747209521


sit out
2 bedroom


This 850 square feet house will best suit a corner plot which is more of square in shape. The entrance to the living room goes through the elaborate entrance lobby which flanks a suitably placed flower bed next to the living rooms wall to create point of interest at arrival.

The massive living room extending it self till the dining area is flanked with a large kitchen space on to the right of it. The mild slope and conjunction of the roofs create interests for the elevation of the house and makes it a appealing feature for its home design.

This design need a budget at around 15 lacks. This house have sit out, 2 bedrooms, one attached bathroom, one common bathroom, dining, living, kitchen store and work area. This plan is well executed by Sherin Moothan. For further details contact the designer.


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