893 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Contemporary Modern Home Design and Plan


Total Area : 893 Square Feet

Sit Out
2 Bedroom
1 Attached Bathroom
1 Common bathroom


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Riyadh – K.S.A
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The trees keep the air around them cold and therefore descend. Especially when you live on the ground, you can grow deciduous trees such as peppers and banyan along the boundaries of your house. They enter the leaves in the spring, give enough shade to throw out the leaves in autumn, and allow it in the winter. When mercury goes up, please use the color and cloth settled down in the house. White and other bright shades reflect light of all wavelengths, thus reflecting the smallest amount of heat. Conversely, black and dark colors can increase the temperature inside the room by absorbing and holding heat. On the other hand, stones such as marble, granite and other natural varieties exist in large quantities and do not become very warm, making it an ideal choice for the tropical climate. So please cover the floor to make full use of all of this. Natural stones with delicate shadows of this room have less heat and help to keep indoor temperature down. Incandescent light bulbs and tubes have a lot of fever and they feel more relaxed during the hot moon. You are sitting near them. Small and closed spaces like this research area will feel very hot for the light. On the other hand, it does not warm up quickly or releases much heat. They use lower power, so they have lower carbon emissions and do not add more globally. It is important to keep your indoor calm and to protect your body. Please switch to food and drink that will keep your body refreshed and cold during unforgivable summer. Consider healthy drinks such as fresh fruits and vegetables, nimbupani, please keep moisture throughout the day.

893 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Contemporary Modern Home Design and Plan
893 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Contemporary Modern Home Design and Plan

Courtesy : keralahomedesignz


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