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9 Simple steps to remove negativity and purify your house


Shravan is taken into consideration to be a fruitful penchant and the devotees are gazing this month as a deep religious mirrored image in conjunction with fasting from sunrise to dusk around the globe. The month is synonymous for plenty auspicious rituals that is an embodiment of rewards like wealth, happiness and prosperity in our lives. During this spiritual month the cosmic energies are supercharged with Shiv tattva (Shiva elements) that purifies the surroundings we stay in, consisting of mind, body and soul with superb energies.

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Why purification is so important to lifestyles? And why will we want to acquire it, particularly all through the month of Shravan?
The motive is Shravan is devoted to lord Shiva and Shiva symbolizes ‘purity, awareness and understanding’. Practicing purifying rituals at some point of shravan in our existence is the gateway to the colossal purity, abundance and gives alleviation from reverberating bad energies inside ourselves and in our environment. Hence, one need to in reality preserve the house neat and easy to put off terrible energies accrued within the shape of dirt. It is thought that “Goddess Lakshmi” prefers to live in a house that has kept clean, no longer simply physically however energetically additionally.

Dusting and wiping would possibly help your private home to deal physically from the dust and its poor energies but not handiest dirt there are numerous easy sources and reasons via which poor energies can input in your home and lifestyles.

Sound Healing therapy

Each Monday of Shravan Masa has its own importance, as a consequence each early Monday morning is the nice time to worship Lord Shiva. Start your day by means of meditating with devotional songs and mantras committed to Lord Shiva at domestic, they may be played through cellular telephones or pc. Sound performs a exceptional role in relation to healing & realigning energies. It creates lovable vibrations within the domestic atmosphere and clears out lingering bad energies.



The items which can be unused, broken and antique have stuck energies that are negative. Do no longer let them settle in your own home. They will restrict new manifestations in your life and home. De-clutter stuff that you not use.


Pooja rituals are commonplace at some stage in Shravan month. Burning herbal incense is helpful in clearing out the bad energies. Make sure the incense you are burning is natural and not chemically treated. Also incense sticks made from bamboo sticks are not excellent to burn. Burning bamboo releases bad gases. Best is to burn herbal cow dung dhoop or battis for purification and an fragrant experience.

Smudging with Sage (burning of sacred herbs)

The smoke of the burning sage cleanses the air and do away with impurities, each literal and metaphorical. Clearing is carried out in a meditative kingdom, ‘slowly’ and with ‘recognition’ so the words are just like a mantra. Before smudging, make certain all doorways and windows are open in order that the terrible power can leave your house. It is a great concept to start the sage cleansing practice at the the front door, which helps preserve out negative power from the outdoor.

Ash gourd

On new moon days, it is a good sized exercise to worship an Ash Gourd and then dangle it at the doorway of the house. New moon electricity is beneficial to start something afresh. Ash Gourd has titanic Praan Shakti and it absorbs any poor energy from getting into your house.

Healing crystals

During samudra manthan, ocean produced plenty of valuable gem stones. So you may use the electricity of gems or restoration crystals to energize your private home. Place Black Tourmaline crystal in your private home, preferably at the doorway and for your bedroom. It is thought for soaking up poor electricity from each people and matters. To get the maximum blessings of Black Tourmaline, region a piece in every nook of a room. This will construct a protective guard that blocks any bad strength from coming into your space. It is an wonderful stone for absorbing electromagnetic power as well. Black Tourmaline need to also be located close to your Internet router, television, computer, smartphone, and different digital devices. Black Tourmaline will guard you from their dangerous power even as additionally easing tension and despair.

Sea salt

The churning of oceans Samudra Manthan between Dev and Danav took place inside the month of Sawan. So why not explore the power of sea salt this month. Place sea salt in all corners of the room in a container or on the ground. Let it absorb the negativity for 1-2 days and then trash that salt away. Salt is a herbal cleaner.

Wind Chimes or Tibetan Singing Bowl

Sound vibrations are a effective manner to clear the strength of a room and lift its lively vibration. Healing sounds can break apart dense or heavy power this is reducing the energy in your property. With the cute winds in Sharavan month, employ wind chimes to usher in stunning sounds in your home. You also can use a singing bowl to create a restoration effect with gentle vibrations that may be felt on each a physical and spiritual degree.

Living inexperienced plants

Shiva loves Bilwa leaves. Although Bilwa is a tree and now not genuinely sensible to plant a tree in condominium settings, it continually helps to have dwelling inexperienced flora at home for natural positivity. Friday, at some point of Shravan month, is meant to be the day for worshipping Lakshmi and Tulsi. Having a Tulsi plant at domestic and using its medicinal leaves is superb for any month or season. Also, another superb air purifier is Snake plant. It is a sturdy plant and a have to-have for your bed room as it gives out oxygen at night time.


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