940 Square Feet Low Budget Single Floor Modern 2 Bedroom Cute and Beautiful Home Design


Total Area : 940 Square Feet
Budget : 13 Lacks
Designer : Fasil Mt
Mob : +918593070893

Sit Out
Living Room
Dining Hall
2 Bedroom
1 Attached Bathroom
1 Common Bathroom


It is everyone’s dream to build a dream house. Here is a beautiful contemporary kerala home design at an area of 940 square feet. A single storey can’t get any better than this. The facilities architect has confined into a plot of 940 sq. ft. area make the house worth a buy it has two bedroom and attached bathroom.


Each of the two bedrooms in this visualization have their own distinct personality, from floor treatments to bright wall cover agings, encouraging individual expression. White flooring to selling windows make this colorful apartment an ideal retreat for friends and family. Each bedroom has it’s own private bath rooms.

It also has a well designed small sit out. Additionally there’s family living room, dining room and specious kitchen. The construction of this house is completed and is designed by Fasil mt. The estimated cost of this house is 13 lack. For further details contact the designer.


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