950 Square feet Double storied 3 Bedroom Home design and free plan


Upcoming Budget Class Double storied 3 BHK


Area : 950 sqft

Location : Chottanikkara

Construction Cost : 13.90 Lakhs


Specifications :

3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

Visiting , Dining , Upper visiting ,Balcony

They will make your space to be more comfortable and enjoyable and happy. This creates a joy and a bright space enabling your own fortune without distracting you from reaching out to your job. Abundant sunshine and balanced indoor bright interior influence the mental state of residents and can create a workable environment. When the atmosphere in the house is welcomed and comfortable, people become more bright and productive. Clean air and ventilation through doors and windows will remove moisture, smoke, indoor smells and pollutants, It helps to improve the quality of air inside. This also helps to adjust the room temperature.

Fresh air and well are good places for healthy body and alertness. What we need to pursue our dreams and protect our fortune. Clean homes set the stage of action without releasing their heart and energy for an important pursuit. As the focus gets bigger and bigger, you can follow better work ethics. And good luck and luck work hard for people who work hard! The interior helps to create interiors that can accomplish more things, but that tie is a much longer way than happiness and positive.

Design:Noah homes

Contact us : 8590571579


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