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A baby garden on the wall of the house


If you’ve ever visible Over the Garden Wall, possibilities are you’ve visible it more than as soon as—it’s a display that rewards repeat viewings. If you’re now not acquainted with it, it’s a bit tough to give an explanation for—it’s an Emmy award-prevailing animated miniseries that first aired at the Cartoon Network in November, 2014. It’s weird, and exquisite, and not like anything else you’ve ever seen, and capabilities the voice competencies of Elijah Wood and Christopher Lloyd, at the side of John Cleese, Tim Curry, singer Chris Isaak, and opera singer Samuel Ramey, amongst others. I recently rewatched it, as I have a tendency to do every November. Here’s why.

Everyone in my circle of relatives dies in November.


It’s now not an exaggeration. Every major death in my circle of relatives, shop one or two, takes place between pumpkins and provides. The biting days of November are when my family says goodbye. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and extra have waved goodbye below skies well on their way to welcoming wintry weather, morphing a time of gratitude and thank you into something greater than a touch sour.

If October is whilst we word the harbingers of dying, and December is the bloodless quiet that comes after, November for me has continually been the sound of gates starting to a land we’ll by no means in reality realize.


But that’s no longer necessarily a terrible thing. What’s so incorrect with underworlds, besides? Death is terrifying, positive. But so are masses of things in lifestyles. And as so regularly happens in memories about dying, about underworlds, approximately the passage from beating hearts to the journey beyond, that juxtaposition is where the lesson lies. And so we come to Over the Garden Wall. (Spoilers in advance.)

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Created by Patrick McHale, a writer and animator who reduce his enamel on Adventure Time, Over The Garden Wall tells the story of Wirt, his little brother Greg, a puppy frog (given diverse names such as Kitty, Wirt Jr., and George Washington), a speakme bluebird named Beatrice, and a bunch of other memorable characters as the boys attempt repeatedly to discover their way home, separated from the reality they knew, lost and venturing thru a abnormal, however beautiful panorama called “The Unknown.”

The Unknown is at turns gothic and autumnal, grim and dangerous or comforting or even silly, with seasons of harvest and fire giving way to snow and silence. It is populated with adorable animals studying to read and write, a large fish looking to (paradoxically) fish, a city of skeletons wearing pumpkin costumes to greet the harvest, an resort packed with making a song, self-conscious archetypes, a riverboat teeming with genteel frogs and toads, atypical millionaires wandering via huge mansions, and a weary, damaged vintage Woodsman, trying to chop down enough timber to preserve his lantern lit. It is likewise home to The Beast, a shadow inside the form of a man topped with large antlers, whose operatic dirge wends its way through the Edelwood groves, seducing travelers into his darkish embody. Over the Garden Wall threads that fantastically quality needle of being whimsical and mild without ever turning into saccharine, whilst investing its darkish premise with real stakes, real emotions, and a seriousness that at times cuts via the sweet like a sword through silence.

Into this mad international plop Wirt and Greg. Wirt (voiced via Elijah Wood) is in excessive faculty, and in his blue cape and crimson cap, moves a completely unique picture that simply screams for interest when it’s absolutely the last aspect he’d ever want (Wirt is not anything if not supremely, painfully self-aware). Greg is his more youthful half-brother and what he lacks in not unusual sense, he extra than makes up for in doing some thing he needs. Wirt is the worrywart, even as Greg is a touch youngster trying his first-class to help his brother be happy, and not always knowing the threat they could be in. From his first step into the Unknown, Wirt is given to monologues of depression, frequently getting sidetracked on his assignment to get domestic by using wallowing in his very own depression. Greg, in the meantime, by accident feeds an evil turtle to a dog, remodeling it right into a mad wolf that attacks them (if you want to get a experience of what every brother is like, that pretty much captures their dynamic).


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