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A house without steel and cement


When we go searching our homes today, can we imagine that much less than one hundred years in the past we used to construct without metal and cement, but nowadays that looks not possible? Does it surprise us to realise it has taken us only a few many years to wipe out heaps-of-years-vintage techniques of building homes? Strange but real, the fee at which we’re transferring is both spectacular and alarming too.

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In the wake of one of these transformation, we additionally see scattered attempts to counter the trade. The residence of architect Dhruv Bhasker at Auroville is an apt instance to show how we will efficaciously opposite the clock, residing in our times. At Auroville, for plenty a long time alternative ideas have been explored and experimented; as such Dhruv’s house attracts lessons from past studies.


The foundation is constructed now not with stones with cement mortar but using lime-stabilized mud rammed into the trench in layers. It is straightforward, practical and really low-budget, however if not carried out properly can also cause settlement cracks; therefore need to observe prescribed technicalities. Termites may be an issue, which is mitigated by the usage of lime in vital regions.

Walls are made of neighborhood burnt bricks, plastered with hand-completed lime and sand mortar. Likewise, joints too use the identical lime mortar, changing the traditional cement mortar. However, larger a part of the wall is fabricated from rammed earth, left uncovered or partly mud plastered. There aren’t too many lintels as according to the layout; the few that appear are accomplished with single piece stone slab. Modern paints primarily based on chemical pigments are definitely prevented.

Locally to be had vintage doors and home windows from demolished homes had been re-used as they have been and if not, by using resizing them. Old timber needs to be cautiously handled to eliminate the decomposed top layer and re-polished with durable finishes. Athangudi tiles, additionally referred to as as Chettinad tiles, adorn the floors in bright colorings and colorations, adding a wealthy sample at locations. The roof is made with reused wooden rafters and purlins, topped with united states of america clay tiles, and the ceiling protected by way of wooden boards.

Electricity energy comes from solar photovoltaic panels, adequate for lights, water pump and refrigerator, with an amazing pleasant inverter. Most of the roof rain water is harvested, diverted into an underground sump, filtered and then taken to the overhead tank. Septic tanks and soak pits deal with the sewage.

Incidentally, it isn’t always handiest a residence with out metal and cement, but also without any dependency on outdoor the web site for water, sewage, and electricity. Presently, it is not a house for a massive circle of relatives, therefore succeeds immensely as an opportunity concept. Of route, there had been millions of such unbiased homes in our traditional villages, however majority do no longer assist modern-day way of life.

The importance of such sparkling thinking as seen in Auroville in widespread and Dhruv’s house in precise lies in locating methods to adapt nearby methods for sustainable futuristic structure.


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