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A Rs four lakh house as the first-rate solution for low-price refuge


Construction of a residence under a price range of Rs four lakh is even unthinkable inside the gift scenario of spiraling costs of fabric and labour. But Nimfra Architects, a Vadakara-based totally layout company, proves otherwise and offers a house for simply Rs 4 lakh as a way to low-cost construction inside a totally quick span of time.It will be a boon for a large wide variety of people, mainly those suffering from the recent floods in Kerala. The largest challenge confronted through the nation is reconstruction of houses destroyed or broken beyond restore inside the deluge it witnessed.In everyday cases, it takes at least 4 to 6 months to build a brand new residence. The four-lakh residence could be an answer to rehabilitation of families who have lost their dwellings in natural calamities.

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The model of the low-price creation is ready and projects to build the homes are in progress at Panamaram in Wayanad and Kodagu in Karnataka.
The house, having an area of 444 sq.Feet, is built on a four-cent plot. There are bedrooms, a dining corridor, kitchen and toilet.

Prefab era is applied for the work with walls fabricated from fibre cement board. From the outdoors, the partitions look like a cement and brick construction. V panel forums of 3 inches thickness are constant with screws on GI pipes.

For the ceiling, eight mm V board panels are used. The roof has been trussed and roofing sheets fixed.



1) Light substances are used; so fatalities may be avoided at some stage in herbal calamities

2) Construction work can be completed in 15-20 days

3) Rooms may be delivered as well as removed without difficulty

4) Limited materials wanted for paintings. This reduces the quantity of labourers and brings down price

Project information

Location: Vadakara, Kozhikode district

Area: 444 squareft

Plot: Four cents

Budget: Rs 4 lakh


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