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Air Conditioner Not Working? Problems and Solutions


When summer season comes along, you need your air conditioner to run with no hitch, and even the quality air conditioners can run into problems with time. So, what do you do if your significant AC unit just isn’t working safely? Don’t fear. The heating, air flow, and air con (HVAC) authorities at Sears house services can troubleshoot your air conditioner to get it walking easily again. Use this air conditioning (AC) troubleshooting record to help you establish some customary air conditioner problems and determine solutions.

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Air Conditioner not Cooling
Air Conditioner received’t Blow cold Air
if your AC method activates but doesn’t blow out cold air, make sure all of the vents are open and the thermostat is about effectively. If these aren’t the situation, determine the air filter. If it’s clogged with dirt or other particles, you won’t get any air flow. Due to the fact that the clog may just motive the evaporator coils to freeze, the ice and frost will clog the air float even more. If that’s the problem, smooth the filter with a soft brush, slight soap, and water. Easy and alter your filter traditionally to hinder that hindrance sooner or later. You too can have a situation with the fan or fan motor. If the fan turns simply, you could have a hindrance getting electrical power to the motor or a leak within the refrigerant line. In these circumstances, you’ll usually require a professional HVAC technician to come back check up on the unit.

Air Conditioner now not Cooling sufficient
assess your vents to be certain all of them are open. If even one of them is closed, it could make it more difficult to cool your entire house, considering the fact that the warm air from the room with the closed vent will mix with the cooled air from the others. In any other case, you may have a different challenge, reminiscent of a leak in your refrigerant line. In case your procedure is historical or was once established improperly, it could be sporting out or is the flawed dimension in your residence. Systems which might be too massive to your residence will cycle on and off too swiftly, decreasing their efficiency. A method that’s too small in your house will work harder to chill your residence, main to premature breakdown.


Air Conditioner Leaking Water
Air Conditioner Leaking Water inside of
To preclude steeply-priced water harm, flip your air conditioner off if it leaks water inside of your house. Your condensate drain line might be clogged up, inflicting water to back up into your house. DIYers can are trying utilising a moist/dry vacuum to unclog the road. If that doesn’t work, your drain pan will have rusted out or your condensate pump may have broken down. Your technician will be equipped to interchange or repair the broken constituents.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water external
On scorching or humid days, you would see just a little puddle of water under your condenser unit. In scorching, humid climate, that’s usual, so long as it only forms whilst the unit is working. In cool climate—almost always, 60 degrees or less—an air conditioner can freeze up, inflicting the unit to leak water when it melts which can also be ordinary. If it’s leaking in other situations, try cleansing or exchanging your air filters. If that doesn’t repair the main issue, schedule a provider call. You may need more refrigerant, have a blockage to your drain pipe, or have a broken condensate pan.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water When grew to become Off
if your procedure is low on refrigerant or has a soiled filter, the process could freeze up when it’s working. After you turn it off, the ice melts, causing it to leak water. Don’t risk water damage out of your air conditioner leaking water on the floor or ceiling. If cleansing your filter doesn’t help, don’t flip your AC process on once more unless you have got recognized and constant the quandary. As with outside leaks, you could have a blockage or a damaged condensate pan.

Air Conditioner gained’t flip Off
Air Conditioner received’t stop running
if your AC stays on longer than it will have to, you will have a dirty filter. Easy or replace your filter to peer if that remedies the concern. If your process is older or improperly sized, it may also rationale the approach to work too rough, cycle too mainly, and have difficulty shutting off. Other issues that can rationale your AC to run consistently incorporate:

A stuck fan relay
a brief in the thermostat cable
A thermostat that’s gone unhealthy
significant Air Conditioner received’t activate
in case your crucial air process doesn’t come on, it can be so simple as to regulate the thermostat. If that doesn’t work, call a technician as your HVAC procedure may just have to be repaired or replaced.

AC Window Unit received’t Kick On
in a similar fashion, with a window unit, you first will have to check the temperature setting on the unit and make sure that electrical current is flowing into the system. Again, if neither of these troubleshooting efforts locates the problem, call for legit aid for AC window unit repair .

AC Fan not Working
AC Fan not Working inside
if your AC indoor fan isn’t working, first check to make sure a breaker hasn’t been tripped. If all is ok, determine your air filter. If it’s blocked, then you’ll be in a position to fix it your self. If there’s ice on the evaporator coil and refrigerant strains, enable the ice to soften, then assess again to peer if the fan is working. If it isn’t working, that would have prompted your coil to freeze. A frozen coil requires a provider call, on account that your technician may just have to exchange the contacts within the fan relay, the fan belt, or the even the motor itself.

AC Fan not Working outside
When your AC isn’t cooling properly, you may also wish to assess your outdoor unit. If the out of doors fan isn’t spinning, first investigate the breaker or fuse field. If a reset doesn’t correct the obstacle, there could also be a few issues at work right here.

Begin capacitor now not working: in case your compressor is still working, your fan’s motor or begin capacitor will not be working. That you can attempt to troubleshoot it by way of pushing the fan with a wooden stick. Don’t do it by means of hand, considering the fact that if the fan does , it might reduce your fingers. If it still doesn’t begin to spin, you have got to call your nearby technician. Flip your unit off until he or she comes. In the event you don’t, you danger burning out your compressor—a major restore.
Outdoor fan motor stuck: grime or rust will have brought about the fan to get stuck. If the unit requires extra huge repairs, you may also ought to restore or exchange the outside fan motor.
After you repair your AC process, make it a point to have your regional Sears air con legitimate stop by using on a every year basis for a preservation checkup. With standard provider, your procedure will last longer, work more successfully, and save you money in your vigor costs in the end. That you can’t go incorrect with the air conditioning authorities right here at Sears home offerings. We’re here on your dwelling.


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