Amazing health benefits of Sapota

Amazing health benefits of Sapota. watch video.(Malayalam). Courtesy: Malayalam Health Tips
The name ‘sapota’ would now not be familiar to most of us. Sapota is an extra name for the fruit higher known as ‘chikoo’. After we say sapota, we are essentially referring to the tropical evergreen tree that bears this fruit. Sapota is a delicious calorie-rich fruit belonging to the class of fruits like mango, banana and jack fruit. Its other names are nostril berry, sapodilla plum, chickoo sapote and so forth.

The sapota fruit has its starting place within the rain forests of significant the us, especially in Mexico and Belize but it is quite simply on hand in India. The fruit is a circular or oval-shaped berry measuring round 10 centimeters in diameter and weighing 150 grams.

It has 2-5 massive, black, shiny bean-like seeds in the centre. The unripe fruit has a tough surface and white pulp due to its high content material of latex. The latex content reduces as the fruit ripens and its flesh acquires a brown colour. It has a gentle and grainy texture with a candy and musky taste. It’s wealthy in energy and its sweet taste may also be attributed to the presence of easy sugars like fructose and sucrose that replenish power and revitalize the body.

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