Amazing MP3 Recorder


aplication name-Amazing MP3 Recorder
souce-google play stor

In the app in period voice Modifier (megaphone) feature (and presumably later). it’ll permit the utilization of a helmet with a Darth Vader.


Cover artCopyright, use – This application isn’t victimisation the copyright of the audio. there’s a likeness to Vader Darth background image – a parody of the copyright owner for the applying of the “fair use” isn’t coated by feel, the a lot of unloved to possess to vary the graphic image is identical. Darth Vader, Yoda George Lucas Arts, is currently half in hand by filmmaker.

Parody App YouTube – Star Wars parody video, voice and video to a definite impression of the vascular plant Star Wars and modify the audio file or sound recording on Facebook.



– Voice Recorder
– Lecture / Field Recorder
– Effects (monitor in earphones)
– Voice Changer (real-time Cosplay)
– Call Recorder (Samsung, Nexus – use Menu – Contact Us)

– Background recording
– Record with Power button (while screen locked!)
– Tested 100 hour continuous (2.4GB)

– TalkBack/blind user friendly!
– Tasker and NFC button support (see Help – FAQ)

Free / Paid (free trial)
– PAID features: MP3, Themes, Voice Changer, Call Recording (automatic outgoing)
– FREE: Call Recording (manual incoming/outgoing, automatic incoming), WAV/OGG, Lecture/Field Recorder and all other features are free!

NOTE: One donation unlocks ALL features (Menu – Donate)
NOTE: Call Recording, Voice Changer are all FREE for TalkBack/Shine Plus/screen reader users

Controls for Record/Pause/Stop
– Buttons
– 7 Widgets
– InstantRecord and RecordStop launchers
– Notification – turn On the Notification Always On button
– Volume (up/down/down-long-press)
– Headset (click/double-click/long-press)
– Power button (3 clicks) Record/Stop
– Power button (4 clicks) Record/Pause/Stop (choose in Settings – Record Controls)
– Proximity sensor (Ear Detect) bring to ear / flip phone on table
– speak “Ok Google open Instant Record” to record

NOTE: TalkBack users: TalkBack voice won’t appear in recording if Ear Detect is used – also Volume Buttons to record don’t work for TalkBack users, but do for Shine Plus screen reader users

Heads-up use (walking/jogging)
– Large buttons (visible in sunlight)
– Vibration Feedback
– Sound Feedback (Settings – Vibration & Sound)
– Simplify UI (Settings – Show Buttons)

NOTE: if vibration appears in recording, reduce Vibration Duration/increase Record Delay settings

Lecture / Field Recorder / Voice Changer
– Volume Boost
– reduce noise, increase bass (3-band Equalizer)
– giant or chipmunk (Pitch)
– Voice Changer (voice impression/Cosplay)
– Monitor/Cosplay: plug earphones/ext speakers, then Record (or Pause)


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