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I’m revealing the historical Egyptian Pharaoh, Queen Cleopatra’s beauty secrets and techniques! Cleopatra is thought for her natural and natural beauty remedies to attain her terrific younger splendor and perfect skin! These 10 Ancient Arab beauty treatments are popular in our international locations are had been exceeded down from technology to era by our ancestors. Being100% Egyptian myself, these remedies were handed all the way down to me and I grew up with doing these herbal remedies; now I need to percentage them with you all!

BEAUTY SECRET #1 – Henna Eyebrow Tinting

Henna comes from Lawsone/Henna tree leaves which might be dried and turned into a best powder that is a reddish-orange dye that once binding to keratin in our pores and skin and hair it safely stains/dyes it briefly.

Henna tinting lasts up-to a few-5 weeks and handiest makes use of natural substances.

Cleopatra used Henna to dye her finger nails and hair.

​Such a super non-everlasting alternative to microblading for crammed-in impact on your brows!

BEAUTY SECRET #2 – Rose Water


Cleopatra used rose water as a herbal toner purifier, that is so genius! Rose water contains anti-inflammatory homes that reduce redness, eliminates oils and dirt from clogged pores and helps stability your skins pH degree. Rose water works superb for each oily and dry pores and skin kinds.

What You Need:

Fresh roses

Mortar and pestle (or something to destroy the roses)



How To:

Grab some clean roses, peel them into petals, and spoil/grind them down preferably with a mortar and pestle, to release their herbal perfume. Fill a pan with water and upload the rose petals. Place on warmth until it starts offevolved to simmer, do no longer permit it boil. Put your property-made rose water in a twig bottle and enjoy!

BEAUTY SECRET #3- Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is the most famous way to take away facial hair in Arab and Indian international locations.

Threading weakens the hair follicles inflicting growth to be less dense over time. It’s truly better for sensitive pores and skin, and the precision of doing away with the hair row-by means of-row helps achieve cleaner and moe sculpted consequences. Best part about threading is there aren’t any chemical substances or artificial substances which could reason irritation.

What You Need:

All you need is thread and ability!

BEAUTY SECRET #4 – Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the oldest therapeutical herbs and is realize because the miracle plant!


It consists of anti inflammatory houses, stimulates collagen manufacturing, moisturizes and hydrates the pores and skin. Aloe vera was a staple in Cleopatra’s splendor treatment to rejuvenate her pores and skin!

What You Need:

Aloe vera

How To:

Simply slice open a uncooked aloe vera plant and rub its magic all over your skin!

BEAUTY SECRET #5- Lipstick Blush

It can also sound and additionally look very confusing – but it is definitely so realistic!

I grew up looking my mother do this splendor hack, and now that I’m a splendor enthusiast I assume it’s gold. Creme blush is so in, and this little hack is the best manner to obtain a lovely and herbal looking wash of blush.

What You Need:


How To:

Simply take your lipstick and make a dot on each cheek, then use your finger or a splendor sponge to combo it in and diffuse the color for a super wash of blush!

BEAUTY SECRET #6 – Milk and Honey Bath

Cleopatra’s maximum famous splendor key’s her milk and honey tub!

This bath have become a ritual for the queen and become her mystery of eternal young people. Her lavish milk and honey tub exfoliates the skin certainly, soothes your skin and leaves you feeling fresh.

What You Need:

2 cups of milk, Cleopatra used Goat or Donkey milk, however cow milk works too!

1/2 cup of honey

How To:

Simply blend the milk and honey together in a bowl and upload it for your heat bathtub to enjoy Cleopatra’s well-known bath.

BEAUTY SECRET #7 – Halawa Sugaring Wax

Halwa is herbal domestic-made sugaring wax that translates to candy in Arabic, and is genuinely become made from sugar! It is the most popular manner to cast off frame hair in Arab counties and is made proper within the kitchen the use of kitchen components.

What You Need:

1 cup of organic sugar

half cup of water

1 complete lime


How To:

Mix inside the sugar, water, lime in a pot and region on low warmness, mix nicely, and bring it to a simmer until the color caramelizes right into a reddish-brown. Spill onto a flat pan and permit it settle down well, be very cautious no longer to burn yourself. Once it’s cooled down well, accumulate it collectively, roll it right into a ball and stretch it out to get it ready to apply for waxing.

BEAUTY SECRET #8 – Olive Oil and Honey

Olive oil and honey are of Cleopatra’s favored elements which have such a lot of beauty benefits!

Olive oil is packed with anti-aging oxidants and factors important for your hair, pores and skin and nails.

Honey is a natural antibacterial that enables with zits, filled with antioxidants, could be very moisturizing and soothing to create a healthful glowing complexion.

What You Need:

1/2 cup of natural olive oil

half of cup of honey


How To:

Mix in olive oil and honey in a pot, location it on medium warmness and produce to simmer – do now not permit it boil! Enjoy it as a face masks!

BEAUTY SECRET #9 – Mint and Honey

Not most effective does mint and honey flavor scrumptious to your tea, however it’s so beneficial to your skin!

These substances mixed make the high-quality zits masks and pimple fighter. It allows clear your pores and skin, tighten your pores, clears your complexion, and enables eliminate beneath-eye darkness.

What You Need:

Mint leaves

half cup of honey

Mortar and pestle (or some thing to wreck/grind the leaves)

How To:

Grind down the mint leaves, preferably the usage of a mortal and pestle. Mix in an same amount of honey. Enjoy as a face mask! Your pores and skin will feel so clean!

BEAUTY SECRET #10 – Eggs and Yogurt Protein Mask

Eggs and yogurt are key substances to attaining healthy hair. Together this blend strengthens, moisturizes, makes your hair shiny, easy, reduces frizz and promotes hair growth! That’s the entirety I need to pay attention to convince me to position egg in my hair!

What You Need:

Eggs (1 egg for brief hair / 2 eggs for lengthy hair)

Organic yogurt (2 tbsp for brief hair / 4 tbsps for long hair)

How To:

Mix in eggs and yogurt collectively, based totally on hair length above. For dry hair most effective upload egg yolk. For oily hair best add egg white. For regular or combination hair add complete egg. Apply generously to hair and leave in for 20 minutes. Wash out in shower with COLD water, it’s very crucial that the water is cold, no longer heat or hot, to avoid cooking the egg in your hair!


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