Attract Wealth and Abundance with a Feng Shui Aquarium


Feng shui aquariums are a lovely and strong feng shui treatment to attract the electricity of wealth and abundance. Placed proper, and brought care of accurately, an aquarium will expand the electricity in any domestic or office and attract extra Chi for wealth.

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Aquariums are auspicious due to the fact they carry a harmonious mixture of numerous wealth-attracting feng shui elements, in addition to an ideal balance of all five feng shui factors:

1. Feng shui water element (the water inside the aquarium)

2. Feng shui wooden element (the plant life within the aquarium)


3. Feng shui metallic detail (inside the aquarium shape)

4. Feng shui earth detail (the small rocks and gravel at the bottom of the aquarium)

5. Feng shui fire detail (the intense colours of the fish, as well as the aquarium lighting fixtures).

The excellent area to area your feng shui aquarium is within the Southeast bagua vicinity (the feng shui wealth and abundance area) observed through North location (profession) or East (fitness and own family).

Never place an aquarium in your bedroom, or on your kitchen, as this brings undesirable feng shui energies to those areas.

Feng Shui Wealth Fish
The maximum famous feng shui wealth fish is the arowana, or dragon fish, and the purest arowanas are known to command quite high charges. However, the koi, or goldfish, are just as effective, in addition to a satisfaction to look at. Go for eight or nine fish, one of them being black.

Be certain the shape of the aquarium works with the feng shui detail of the location you are putting it. For example:

If you location your aquarium for your cash area, that is governed by using the wooden detail, you may cross for a rectangular form aquarium (it is the earth feng shui detail form) or a square one (the timber feng shui detail form.)
If you like the spherical shape more (steel feng shui element shape), then choose a smaller sized aquarium because the presence of a metal detail form is probably too robust for the timber element of your money place.

For a feng shui aquarium within the North bagua place of your area, it’s exceptional to head for a spherical shape, which is the shape of the metallic feng shui detail (it nourishes the water detail of the North bagua location).
As with any feng shui treatment, be sure to hold it fresh, preserve it stunning, ship it right power/desirable thoughts and don’t forget to take true care of it!

Your feng shui aquarium will best work effectively as a powerful feng shui wealth cure if the water is easy and oxygenated, the fish are glad and wholesome, the plant life are colourful green, and the lighting is ideal.

Spending some time with your aquarium, playing it and taking accurate care of it, as well as being clear of its feng shui role will beef up its energy as a feng shui wealth therapy.


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