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Automatic Emergency Light Circuit


This low cost automatic emergency lighting fixtures circuit activates a lamp in the course of strength failures. It is powered by a NiCad battery this is being charged via the principle energy line while there’s no blackout. The circuit design is quite simple and may be made through almost anybody.

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How does the automatic emergency mild works

The voltage from the step down transformer is rectified with the aid of diode D1 and filtered via C1. The NiCad battery receives charged with approximately one hundred mA thru the diode D2 and resistor R1. The battery ought to have a capability of as a minimum 2 Ah to tolerate the charging charge.

When the principle energy supply fails in the course of a blackout, the charging modern is interrupted and a contemporary flows from the base of T1 thru resistor R2 which triggers the transistor to behavior and the 2 emergency lamps light up. When the principle strength returns, the charging modern flows again thru D2 and the transistor turns the lamps off.

The “TEST” button S1 is used to test the function of the circuit. If the secondary coil of the transformer delivers a better voltage degree, update R1 with a better cost resistor to keep away from exceeding the most charging present day allowed for the NiCad battery being used.

Emergency mild parts

220V to 4.5V / 2A Transformer
D1 = 1N4004
D2 = 1N4001
R1 = 33Ω/1W
R2 = 470Ω
C1 = 470µF/16V
T1 = 2SB242
La1, La2 = 2.5V bulbs
Battery = 2.5V / 2Ah Nicad


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