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Banana plants: How to grow bananas


Want to recognise the way to develop a banana plant for your backyard?

Despite being a reasonably straightforward procedure, there are a few rules round planting and transplanting a banana.Banana flora are distinctly susceptible to critical ailment and must be bought from certified, government accepted supply. But don’t permit that discourage you – banana vegetation produce masses of delicious fruit and make for lovely, lush backdrop in your outside.

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How to develop

First of all, did you realize that bananas aren’t grown on trees? Yep, banana flowers are truly perennial herbs grown from a huge rhizome (a stem that sends out roots and shoots from its nodes).

New leaves start developing under the floor, pushing thru the middle of the plant and emerging on the crown. New suckers grow from the rhizome, also referred to as a corm. These may be may be eliminated and planted some other place or left to update the mom plant after fruiting.Banana plants can develop over five metres tall however domestic and lawn types commonly develop round to four metres in peak.


There are major kinds of bananas grown in Australia – Cavendish and ladyfinger. Cavendish bananas account for over ninety percentage of Australian manufacturing and consists of types together with Hybrids, Williams, Mons or Dwarf Cavendish. The girl finger banana is famous in certain regions along with Brisbane.



Banana flora thrive in tropical or subtropical climates, however they are able to cope with cooler temperature if cared for successfully. Growth will stop whilst temperatures drop below 15˚C but will begin once more once it warms up.


Choose a north-east to northerly aspect whilst growing a banana plant.

“When planting a banana plant, find a warm, frost free and wind protected space, that preferably gets as a minimum six hours of light in line with day,” Yates Horticulture Consultant Angie Thomas says.

If you’re developing a banana tree in a cooler climate, plant it in a sheltered area near a northerly going through wall.


Banana vegetation like wealthy, properly-drained soil with reliable moisture. They can tolerate all but sandy soil.


The proper time to plant is in spring and summer season. Prepare your soil earlier by using incorporating plenty of compost or manure and irrigate thoroughly a few days previous to planting. If you’re growing some banana plant life, location them round four metres aside. When planting, create a raised mound across the banana to improve drainage around the roots.

“It’s critical to hold the soil always moist so it’s beneficial to use lots of mulch,” Angie says.


Ensure soil is moist however not soaked. Check the topsoil earlier than watering – if the top inch is dry, slowly and deeply water the plant. On common you could expect to do this each couple of days throughout the warmer months.


“Banana flowers are very nutrient hungry and require a potassium enriched plant food,” Angie says. “Apply the plant meals across the root area each 8 weeks from spring to early autumn and also you’ll promote healthy leaf increase and encourage plenty of fruit.”


“Once a banana plant has fruited it’s going to die, but there have to be more than one suckers to take its region,” Angie says. “Remove all other than two or 3 of the most powerful suckers.”

If bananas are left to supply too many suckers it’s going to lessen the yield of the plant as they could sap strength from the primary stem. Excess suckers may be re-planted in pots or to your lawn. It’s additionally critical to put off any lifeless or damaged foliage to lessen risk of fungal infection. Use this foliage as compost.

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